Thursday, March 12, 2009

Freedom!......and Sadness

Well, the 'war' (monthly exam) had at last ended. The Fear is just starting.

I mean was I had TOTALLY NO confidence is scoring A1 (75%-100%) in MOST of the subject... I'm surely going to flunk my BM, my BI summary was too short (only 93 words!), my BC 'essay' loss a LOT of keywords, my SEJ maximum estimation is just 80%, my MM just got 52%(Ahhhh what happen to me!?), my Add. MT maximum estimation is just 64%, my BIO a LOT of careless mistake, my FZ is still OK, my CHE & PM are the only subjects I have confidence in getting A (A1 or A2 not sure yet...).

Ok, some of the teachers and students will say "it's just the monthly exam only, not important 'one' la...” But for me, every exam is important. They say "1st time ma, sure like this 'one'... “I will surely 'slaughter' the people who say this me. I mean, like Laozi's saying “every journey start with a single step" and now my '1st step' (monthly exam) was a total disaster, how the heck am I going to keep on walking? Well now, I can only pray (which I usually don't) that the grades will not 'kill' me after I look at them after the holidays.

Talking about holidays, my holidays are like no holiday at all. Saturday & Sunday maybe I’ll be free. Monday I have tuition at Tmn Connaught from 2.30-4.00 p.m. and have to finish my Sivik Project which is like Hell and take days. Tuesday, I have to keep on the Sivik work and tuition at 7.30-9.00 p.m. Wednesday will be same like Tuesday except I have to spend most of my morning in a hospital for a doctor appointment for my dear 5 year's old brother. Thursday, I HOPE that I will finish Sivik work and start and finish my SEJ work in the end of the day. Friday, the busiest day of the whole week, I will have an extra class with Mr. Wong (our dear Add. Mt teacher) from 8.30-10.00 p.m.; English Drama practice from 10.00a.m.-2.00p.m. ; To Leisure Mall to watch movie and find a classical book 'Julius Caesar' for my Literature; tuition from 7.45-8.00 p.m. . . . Saturday, I will have my Add. MT class (again). Sunday, at last a time to relax and rewind.

PS: Wish every Connaughtian (again) who read this will score excellent grades for your exam. (Although I didn't = P)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

May the Force of Study be with you...

"Tomorrow will be the 'war' between the SMKTC students;
Tomorrow will be the 'war' which will test the abilitiy of SMKTC New Form 4 students in coping with the Form 4 syllabus;
Tomorrow will be the 'war' that will change a SMKTC Form 4 student's shcool life..."

Well, ya, the first monthly exam is counted as a 'war' to me. Ok, I might have exaggerated a few points but, hey, it's the truth what... Almost evey single student in 4S1 & 4S2 is competing agaist each other to prove they are better & stronger...

Ok let's see...Errr, sceince stream students (who are just taking Chinese subject) in SMKTC will have:

6/3 BC, BM and MM.

10/3 BI, SEJ

11/3 BIO, PM

12/3 MT, FZ

13/3 CHE

This time I really want to complain about BC teacher... Ok, tomorrow is exam and it'll be HER subject FIRST! Any SENSIBLE teacher will give the students a last minute revision but what did she do?! She don't care about us and taught us stuffs which are still NOT going to come out for TOMORROW'S exam and gave us homework for that! I mean no offences but, hey, tomorrow we will be having for Chinese at least take 5 min. to give us some last advice or stuff like that. But what she did (I know is for our own good) gives me the impression that she does not care about us...

Maybe my brain is not mature enough to understand the teacher's care for us but if she really do care about us, she is doing a very bad job expressing it...

By the way, wish every Connaughtian who read this good luck during all the exams.

PS: REMEMBER to bring your 570-scientific-calculator for all your MM and MT exam. =D

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


After a loooooong time (3 months) staying in 4s2, I finally get a heck who's who.
This list below are the 'citizens' of my dear class.

I. Alfred Khoo
II. Ang Xiwen
III. Brian Lee
IV. Burnet Khoo
V. Chan Jay Ren
VI. Chang Shin Yan
VII. Chew Vincent Wayne
VIII. Chiu Yan Ping
IX. Ch'ng Zirou
X. Chong Wei Hao
XI. Chua Jun Lie
XII. Chuah Sing Yieng
XIII. Gan Lay Chen
XIV. Hee Sze Min
XV. Ho Yoong Wei
XVI. Jeanie Sim
XVII. Lai Yen Ping
XVIII. Lam Thian Ho
XIX. Lam Zi Qian
XX. Lee Chin Chung
XXI. Leong Choo Sim
XXII. Lian Xin Tian
XXIII. Liang wen Hui
XXIV. Ng Seow Jou
XXV. Ong Li Hui
XXVI. Ong Ying Jye
XXVII. Rachel Kok
XXVIII. Selvina
XXIX. Seow Lai Yee
XXX. Sua Jin Ming
XXXI. Tan Chern Wei
XXXII. Tan Hui Jin
XXXIII. Tan Ker Shiong
XXXIV. Tan Mong Yen
XXXV. Tay Pau Chin
XXXVI. Teng Eu Jene
XXXVII. Wong Hui Man
XXXVIII. Wong Yee Mun
XXXIX. Yap Yow Chun

XL. Lee Fong Fong

The List below will be the 'Senate' of our class:

Teacher in-charge : Lady Chan Yin Ching
Class Monitor : Mr. Ho Yoong Wei
Assistant Class Monitor : Ms. Selvina
Treasurer : Ms. Tan Hui Jin
Head of Cleaness : Ms. Tay Pau Chin
Head of Class Decorations : Ms. Rachel Kok

The List below will be the 'Governors' of our class:

BI - Lady Manjit
BM - Lady Patricia
BC - Lady Woon
BIO - Sir Ebenezer
CHE - Lady Chin FM
PHY - Lady Julina
ADD. MT - Sir. Wong KM
MM. - Lady Chan Yin Ching
SEJ. - Lady Shanti
PM. - Lady Zuraini
SV. - Lady Ursha
PJK. - Sir Azlan/Lady Ngoo