Friday, April 24, 2009

A day (night) to remember...(Prt1.)

Yesterday night, I encounter something that usuaslly no much people will want to encounter --- a car accident.

To the people who live near Alam Damai will know that before the Alam Damai's HUGE sign board, there's still another traffic light, and that's the 'crime' scene.

Let's see, around 9.00 p.m. yesternight, I was pushing my bike back from Mr. Brian's tuition.

When I was reaching 'that' traffic light, the light on the other side was red that time (any sensible person cross the roard, right), therefore, I PUSHED my bike across the road...

Then, WHAM, a car came from behind and hit me from my left hind. Luckily, I was on my bike's right hand side. So, my beautiful (to me)-loyal (I've went 'far' with it)-old (it's 6 year's old)-still OK (Duh)-rusty (can't help it) bike FLEW away and I, myself, roll on the road.

I see nothing but the
dark night sky and bright orange strret light.

I feel nothing but a bit of 'ants stinging' feeling on my forehead, hand, leg and my body's right hand side.

A couple of motorcyclist stopped asked about myself and scolded the
Indian driver. I looked around...

OMG!!! My
beautiful -loyal -old -still OK -rusty bike was completely 'disintergrated'. That bike was actually a present from my now-in-Sudan-working father. So, more or less still got a bit of sakit hati.

Indian driver (around in HIS 60's) stopped the around 150-200 feet away (Waa! So far...). He argued, explained, etc.etc. to the motorcyclist. Then fetch me to the nearest clinic. Using his phone I called my mother.

The funny part was, after I entered the 'surgery room', an unknown Chinese uncle came in and
he thought that the Chinese uncle was my father and explained the whole incedent from his point-of-view. My mother came in later and saw the whole misunderstanding incident. She kept quiet and listen to his explanation without him knowing. After the truth bout my mother's identity was reveiled, he explained the whole thing again. (Waa, 口水多过茶, saliva more than tea)

After the minor 'surgery',
he paid everything. (Weird eh...) He than wanted to bring me to the Alam Damai's Polis Station to lodge a report so he can claimed insurence. My mother agreed.

Damn the police who was working there. My mother and the Indian reached there and do you know what the damned police said! HE said every car accident should go lodge a report at Jln Bdr, KL, while the 'crime' scene was just around the corner.

Indian and my mother agreed to lodge the report the next day (today). After settle everything, I went home. Another unexpected thing happen...

Around 1.30 a.m. this morning, after going to the toilet to release my bladder's
'product',, I went back to my room and fainted for a couple of minutes. Luckily (again), my mother saw the light's were on and came out to see what's the problem.

She saw me fainting and dragged me (I'm quite heavy) to my brother's bed. After I regain concuisness, I relised I was temporary blind. My mother's was panicked and everything then I told her I was SLOWLY regaining my sight back and slept (very suffering) later.

Prt. 2, coming soon....