Saturday, April 25, 2009

A day to remember...(Prt 2.)

I woke up around 7.30 a.m., I didn't have a good night sleep since I can just lie like a dead log and the injuries were still fresh. I found out later that I actually forgot to take my painkiller. (Wakaka...)

My uncle and aunt came to my house to see how serious is the injury and how can they help out since my father was 'outstation'.

! 0 ! What the f**k... My house was filled with neighbours near and far! Woman Gossip News Channel is very efficient! They ask and show concern.

My uncle fetched me, my aunt and my mother to Pantai Cheras Hospital to do a medical check-up(X-ray for my left leg & CT scan for my brain) since the small scenario(fainting) during the morning (Read<<A day (night) to remember...(Prt 1.)>>).

We reached there around 9.00 a.m.

nurse asked us to do another basic check-up by the General Surgeon there.

The doctor approved the CT scan but not the X-ray since my left leg was assumed(which is true) swollen and given me a WEEK MC (Wakaka...).

The CT scan image was quite interesting. It was divided into 4 columns & 5 rows. The image 'start' at the right corner 'cell' with a small bowl like image of my brain. The image 'proceed' with the bowl like image 'growing' to form a full size brain image. The last 'cell' shows the image of my brain and eyeballs and stuffs. I can't say anything about the process since I was asked to close my eyes.

After the medical check-up which cost around RM320+, I went to school to hand-in my MC. Edbert (my drama father), Iven (my drama half-brother), Melissa (my drama half-sister) and a few students I know saw my pitiful state. The teachers mostly asked.

Pn. Chan (Read <<4S2 2009 UNITED WE STAND!>>) saw me and give me what happen in the class for the short few hours of my absence. The weird part was, I told no one about my accident and somehow it reached Pn.Chan's ears!

I went home and spent my looong hours in front of the computer and type out <<A day (night) to remember...(Prt 1.)>> using my left hand only since my right hand was seriously injured.

To all 4s2's students and teachers, thanks for your concern and I'll be back.
To the people who thinks to much, I type my experience to share it NOT to find sympathy or to seek attention.