Tuesday, June 16, 2009


A friend I know is leaving SMKTC,
I'm getting overreacted by his decision

I feel surprise

I know he's up to something
but I'm not expecting something this 'big'

I feel sad

Loyalty is my word in life
& Friend is my life in school
So loyalty to a friend is a thing I believe
I lost a close friend recently
One that I don't think will come again
Now I lost him
Although I'm not VERY close to him
But the 'chemistry' is there

I feel lost

He seek a new life
Just like I do
seek a change
Just like I do
he's gone
I've lost my other half
A half I believe I can talk my heart to
A half I believe I seek a long time

I feel I'm to blamed

The day before he do anything
I 'counseled' him
Maybe I'm not as good in 'counseling'
as I thought
My 'advice' might be the reason he left

I feel his classmates is to blamed

His days in school was turned upside-down
After the
day his classmates found out his comment about them
They isolates him mentally
They hates him in their heart
They wish he was never here
They never wish to know him more

I don't know what's happening to me recently
I not
used to the new 'me'
I don't overreacted by someone's departure