Friday, June 5, 2009

How Erotic


If you are "under-age", "pure-minded", "innocent", 300% fully devoted yourself to the PERSON UP there, quickly, do not hesitate, press the red cross button located at the top right corner of this page!!!

And if you are a Librarian for SMKTC, do the same thing.

I am trying not to show to much yellow stuff (Chinese), A-rated stuff (Cantonese) or porno (English) in my blog. But circumstances doesn't allow it.

"I put around my left arm to her waist and with my right hand began to stroke her hip and bottom, totally ignoring her cries and gasps and groans and managing her wriggling with the grip of my circling arm..." - A MAN WITH A MAID-

"My hand went between her splayed thighs and with the tips of my fingers I caressed the tips of her inner cheek. I probed deep into the slit until I entered the throbbing opening of her moist sex..." - SHIP'S SURGEON -

I don't know whether to praise, feel disgust or love our school. OK, let's start from the beginning...

"Once upon a time, ..."

Sorry, wrong opening...

The day before the holidays , we (Melissa, Ivan, Ace and Me) was chatting and stuff. Then, an under-age, pure-minded and innocent girl, a friend of Ace came and ask her about SOMETHING in the book she's reading. Ace's eye went bulging and ask her where she get THE BOOK. She said it's one of the books in the shelf at the corridor under block B. But the MOST EXCITING PART is it's one of the Program Pembinaan Ilmu's book.

Well, you can't say it's not 'building up knowledge' but don't you think it's a bit WIERD +ILLEGAL to find such book in a SCHOOL?

What say you?

PS: Don't ask, question or think the whereabouts of the book right now...