Sunday, July 19, 2009

Acculumation of Votes

Last Friday, we, the Connaughtions realize the nature and dreams of our future leaders.

First to do his pep talk : Lim Ben Jie

I can't remeber most of his words (95%) because I ain't paying any attention...
But I remeber something about mengharumkan nama sekolah and something of that sort...

Opinion: *Yawn*..... Boring ~..... I almost fell asleep....

Second : Shubashini

She started with a background talk...
When I say background talk, I do mean background as in how many siblings she has and some other stuff...
Then she got stuck in a few lines and ended abruptly...

Sheesh! Who wants to know your family... We just want to know can you work or not... The speech is still merely OK but with an abrupt ending..... Terrible!

Third : Yap Yow Chun

He's speech is actually will be good if he's NOT keep on looking at the script. He is like talking for a few seconds then take out the script to read. At least his ending is OK. Only he added with 'MU winning Malaysia soccer team'.

Opinion: WalauA... Who cares whether MU win or not. It's like we are gambling... But I still like the way he communicate with the other students (= P... I'm being an oxymoron again). It's quite friendly and obeying the rules at the same time.

Fourth : Edbert Chia

The very moment he hold the mic., 95% of the students in the hall 'boo-ed' him. He didn't get disencourage. But carry on with his speech about forming a tighter bond between the students and the prefects. His speech ended, quite surprisingly, with claps.

Opinion: Wow, he had really learned to be thick-faced. When the people 'boo-ed' him, he says: Thank you for the support. While the 'old' him will surely collapsed and never rise up again. I also find his words quite true. There must be a closer bond between the prefects and the students if the school wish to be the same level with VI or SAB or SBS.

Fifth : Joseph Lee

His speech is quite aggresive this time. Same tactic like Eric last time. Ended with claps.

Opinion: What a mother fuckker, who 'promotes' themselves that way to get votes? it was like I hold this post, I hold that post, I am this, I am that... Sheesh! I won't vote for a person with a speech like that. Although this might show you can work but this also show you are arrogant!

Final: Nur Shahida

Nuetral speech.

Opinion: None because I ain't listening.