Friday, July 10, 2009

Choosing of Head Prefect Prt 2

My previous post had talk about the injustice system which is now being run by the schools in Malaysia, Ben-Jie continued to question my way of solution since I’m such a hard person to be pleased and satisfied.

I told him that I want a Republic.

The best example of this system is The Republic of Rome. Rome was once a Republic until Julius Caesar rises as a dictator and started the monarchy system.

While the Republic of Rome is run by a group of Senators, the Republic of SMKTC is run by a group of trusted prefects selected by the teachers (T & C applied). These prefects duty is not only to help the teachers to run the school but also to represent the students. The duty of a prefect to help the teachers will not change. The only difference is that the selected prefects will be representing the students.

The students will make a proposal meeting with them. They will consider the students proposal and make a decision by not more than 3 voting meetings. If the motion is passed, they (Prefects a.k.a. Senators) will bring the proposal to the teachers in charge and let the teachers do the final decision. When then decision is made, the Senators will announce the results.

Singapore runs a system of Head Boys and Girls. The Head Boys Head Girls will represent any students with a suggestion, an idea or request. While Singapore’s Head Boys and Girls are sometimes students, we will be using Prefects.

Reasons of using Prefects:
1. They grated with a certain authority which eases them to do this job.
2. They are easier to be approached by the students since most of the students tend to fear the teachers.
3. They are trusted by the highest authority
4. They are the highest in ranking among the students community.

Terms and conditions:
1. The prefects chosen cannot hold posts in their co-curriculum activities / Prefectorial Board / class
- They’ll be very busy, stress, tend to miss meetings and hand in a lousy job if they don’t pass the first condition.
- This will present more chances for the other Prefects to learn.
- The efficiency can be maintained.

The prefects chosen musts not only from a particular class.
-Every class must have a representative prefect is possible to ensure the fairness.
- If there is no prefect in that particular class, elect one among the students but only have the authority as a member Senate.

3. The prefects chosen must have no problems in their studies.
-This is to ensure that the academic of the prefect is not affected seriously by the meetings of the Republic.

1. Every student has the right to propose.
2. Every proposal must not be violating the school rules in any way.
3. Each Senator is equal and has the right to speak during meetings.
4. The Senators must have a final decision by the third meeting within 3 weeks. If the voting is still a draw, the proposal will be hand in to the teacher in charge.
Any decision made the teacher is final.