Thursday, July 9, 2009

Choosing of Head Prefect Prt 1

It was Monday when Ben-Jie ask for my opinion about the candidates of new Head Prefect. He ask who will I vote. I told him No-One. Why, he asked. (The culture of voting started last year for everyone's information.) I told him is useless for the practice of dictatorship will continue.

According to Longman Dictionary, dictatorship mean a single ruler or group with complete power. What I view from a student's point of view is that prefects of SMKTC has a full support from the school authorities, PIBG and especially the Head of Discipline [Mr. John Toh (with all due respect)]. In a another way, they are given a lot power, a lot of power indeed...

Some, OK fine they are doing a very good job. When a student commit something which abuse the school rules, they arrest them. I got nothing to say... BUT some among these Prefects misuse their privileges, this Trust. These Misusers, sometime got carried away by their own duty and responsibilities. For example, one of the many 'sport checks' done in our school, X is caught. He's in the back classes and some of the Prefects just LOVE to catch back classers. So he was caught. Although he's in the back classes, he kept a quite a good record for his tidiness.

Unfortunately, that day he was caught by Prefect Z. He was caught for wearing fashion pants - low hips (not). Seriously, the way he wear his pants is exactly the same how all the boys in our school wear their pants. So, he was bought to the Head of Discipline. X try to explain but Mr. John just said: " I believe in my prefects. When they say you are wrong, means you What the Fuck! What kind of world this is. Can't the prefects make mistakes?! So, X's name was recorded and Z was nominated as the most hated prefect of all time. *.

This shows how the Head of Discipline fully trust the Prefects.

Annual Dinner is the common thing being heard around the school if you are in a society, club or any co-curriculum activity. But of so many clubs and society, why only the Prefects got a bit of financial help from the PIBG? When the non-prefect group apply for PIBG financial help in their Annual Dinner, the request will be rejected or no reply. The reason of rejection is the there is no more fund in the PIBG. What a coincidence! When the prefects apply, there's always cash around. The other reason is the Prefects helped and is helping the school a lot. What kind of reason is this? Other clubs or society also help the school by raising the school's name when they went for competition.

This shows how the PIBG trusted the Prefects

Prefects sometimes has meeting during study time. When the teacher (most of it) hear is a Prefect, they are allowed to went out. But the this does not apply for others.

This shows how the school authorities trusted the prefects.

The prefects are suppose to 'govern' the school with justice. They are also given full authority to hand out punishment based on the crime done. In other word, 'dictatorship', since no others but them can do that.The Misusers, will misuse this Trust, Privilege and Power to gain advantage for oneself (most of the times). Therefore, I won't vote since this injustice will not change. As written in the book 'Brisingr' by Christopher Paolini, who watch the Watchers...

* To all prefects who ignore my previous post, the short story serves as a warning about the power of Student News Channel. Never underestimate us (students). This when usually the Cantonese will say: "A drop of saliva from all of us can and will drown you.."