Friday, August 28, 2009

Holiday Summary

Ah hols…Time does fly quickly don’t they. In a blink of an eye, one week is almost up. Let’s review back what I’ve been doing. Shall we?

Actually nothing much happened. Just tuition everyday, got a Halloween Party or known as All Hallow’s Eve Party now, meeting and a primary school reunion party.

Nothing much to elaborate, except for homework and homework and more homework. I was like Shit! What are the works I need to hand in today again? Not that the fact the homeworks are hard, I just spend most of my time blogging and sleeping. Lolx

All Hallow’s Eve Party Meeting
It’s known as All Hallow’s Eve now because our school authority cannot accept the name Halloween which gives the impression of Hantu-Hantu punya benda. For reader’s information, this was said by Pn. Faridah Abdul Ghani. Although we changed the name, the meaning is still the same. Lolx. So, the point of the meeting is to collect opinions from ‘the members of this party’ because something serious came up. Unfortunately, I don’t have the permission of the Pengerusi to disclose this ‘serious case’. The only thing I can say is, the Halloween Party is still on! Yay!

Primary School Reunion Party.
In short, a reunion party was conducted by an ex- primary school mate. We went there have fun, know each other again and the end. You can read in a detailed form from my previous post .

Oh, yeah… Another thing also occurred.

For the reader’s who don’t keep track on things, Mr. Joseph finally raised the White Flag and admitted defeat in the war between him and me. You can read my weird respond in the post >.

That’s all for today I think. Wish all readers have a good day/evening.
Hmm… Maybe I’ll figure out some crap to type later. Who knows right….