Monday, August 3, 2009

Julius Caesar Ep. 3

Before the revealing of the Result, I’ve asked Mr. Caesar himself that what he expect from the future leader? Below is a short, minor-ly EDITED dialog between me and Mr. Caesar.

“So, Mr. Caesar, who do you want to be the Head Prefect?”

“I prefer Casca to be the Connaughtians future Head Prefect because in my opinion, not all of them can cope with the work of the Head Prefect as well as him.”

“OK, let’s say IF someone made it and the person is not Mr. Casca. What will be your future plan?”

“I’ll still do my work as long as they DO NOT interfere with the things which they give the responsibility to me. If they do, I make sure they’ll suffer for their actions.”

“I see. Thanks for the comments”

In another word, Julius Caesar will obey to no one except Mr. Casca himself. Spicy temper isn't it.

For reader’s information (if you do care), there are
parts of the conversation which are hidden from public’s knowledge. Without Mr. Caesar’s permission, I cannot reveal those parts.