Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Julius Ceasar Ep 5 + Others

The War had ended.
A new rule has begun.
But, winds of battles are gathering.
Rebellions are assembling……

After the memorable event of the Prefect Election Ceremony AND my express of disagreement and unsatisfactory in the Election in my bog during Friday, I was condemned by the looks of His supporter’s during Monday (As if I cared). For I insulted their Hero, their Idol, their Angel in my Bog. An interesting question had been raised by Julius Caesar which once again shows the quality of power-hunger among some of the Prefects.

Below is the short and slightly edited conversation between Me (T) and Mr. Caesar (C). Naturally, the dialogue is edited based on my understanding of his sentence.

A: I’ve read your bog. It’s interesting. Great observation and analysis.

T: Thanks. I’m speaking from my heart.

C: Actually, have any of you think about the after effects of the people who read the post?

T: Of course. Either the people will hate me or the people will gain ‘Enlightenment’.

C: OK, the fact people will hate you cannot be denied. But don’t think it’ll just affect you. I think it’ll affect everyone in the school.

T: Elaborate.

C: OK, what if the people who read your blog gain ‘Enlightenment’?

After listening to that sentence, I was like OK~, is that a bad thing? But of course, I did not voice out there, I voice it out Here.

So, Mr. Caesar does not wish people to gain ‘Enlightenment’ about the story behind the scene. I think that OBVIOUSLY shows that SOME of the Prefects wish to hide the Story from public because that will ensure their iron grip on the students.

What does this show?

This shows how a person will change just to taste the sweetness of Power.
This shows how Power can corrupt a person’s mind.
This shows the things a person will do just to gorge the lust of Power.
That shows how a person will do ANYTHING just to ensure their dominance among the weak.

Power is a strong and dangerous thing.
It can bring a person to the very peak of the Heaven.
It can also cast a person down to the deepest, darkest Hell.


JULIUS CAESAR!!!!!! said...

Is this your understanding towards ENLIGHTENMENT? Wow! So I turned out to be so POWER HUNGRY. Okay. Readers, it is not like I would want to degrade this blog but you got the warning. Right? So, though his statement would seem to tarnish my image or the image of other characters, I would not mind. You see, everyone has different opinions and perspectives. I respect and treasure his UNIQUE opinions, regardless his motive. BUT SERIOUSLY, think and analyze these information before you all make a stand. Remember, I warn you, the effects of this ENLIGHTENMENT would be disasterous. You all have a brain. USE IT!