Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My voice

Now my role in THIS post is just a student voicing out what he thinks.

I think that each candidate has their own abilities and uniqueness.

For example:

Lim Ben-Jie: He excels in the skills of communication and resources. Can stay friendly with the students while get things done.

Edbert Chia: He never overdone ANYTHING asked by the teachers. He just does what he’s asked for. This is what I will call a typical Prefect.

Shubashini: A strict Prefect which is a very good asset in controlling the discipline of the students. She also plays an important role in controlling the Indians.

Yap Yow Chun: He’s part Edbert and Ben-Jie himself. He doesn’t overdone things and also quite friendly with the students while get things done.

Lee Chin Yung: Famous in leadership and planning. He’s active in co-curriculum (maybe a bit TOO active) and good in studies as well. This is what I will call an ALMOST perfect student.

Nur Shahida:
She plays an important role in controlling the Malays since IF I’m not mistaken; the Malays are sometime reluctant to listen to the Prefects.

Now with Ben-Jie as the Head Prefect, I think the school authority has a new definition for Prefects. Since I’ve said that Mr. Lim is excel in communication skills, I think the school authority thinks that Prefects are not supposedly be hated by the students.

With the new ‘visi’ in the Principal’s mind, to become a ‘sekolah kluster’, I THINK she thinks that the school is OK with the student’s discipline for our school is famous for the strictness in students discipline. She wishes that the students can be closer or what Edbert will say to have a closer bonding with the students. So in future, Prefects and students can cooperate more effectively.

With a higher cooperation between the students and the Prefects, our school can reach the ‘visi’ more quickly. Therefore, I think they choose Ben-Jie with a hope that he will help them in their effort to do it.

If anyone who is not too thick to realize, you will find that Lim Ben-Jie, Nur Shahida and Yap Yow Chun are Prefects who are better in communication skills comparing to other prefects. Lim Ben-Jie and Yap Yow Chun are already commented on the top the post about their communication skills.

Shahida is a VERY-VERY important person if the statement above IS the school’s plan. She’s the ‘bridge’ between the Malay student communities with the school authorities

I say something like that is just simply because that she is capable of speaking fluent Chinese, Malay and English. She is Malay, which make her job easier to be done among the Malay community, and she’s a Prefect which ‘links’ the Malay community with the school authority.

So, I think that this batch of Prefects which emphasis in communication skills will a make HUGE difference in the history of Prefectorial Board and SMKTC.


e said...

thats it I'm just your typical prefect well well thats true but still I rather consider myself a motivator rather than your typical stuffy prefect