Monday, August 3, 2009

A New Dawn has arrived…

After a long time of waiting, the Connaughtians has finally knows who are leading the school to a new level.

I was informed by the
prefects (actually I asked them myself) that they will have a meeting after school which they will announce the Result. Of course, curious as new born pup, I started bombarding every single prefect I saw. Some of them did not know because they are not one of the, what we call the AJKTs. The one who knows refuse to open their Golden Mouth.

‘Sheesh~ I have ways to know things myself,’ I thought.

At last after all the questioning, one of them said that we Drama team rocks. I was like ‘OK~, I think I know who it is…’
No offence but Edbert if you are reading this, you are not the first person that came across my mind. So there is only Lim Ben Jie left.

So my so-called-calculation came into being… Ben Jie IS the new Head Prefect. Deputies Head Prefect are followed by Nur Shahida and Yap Yow Chun (a.k.a. MU fan by the Form 5s).

Sadly for the ex-Head Prefect (during Form 2), Joseph Lee Chin Yung, he did not get what he craved (I think). Sorry man…

But of so many news I receive today, the happiest part is still Yap Yow Chun had make it to the Deputies! Just like what Pn. Chan said, let the others have a chance, they also can make a difference.

Once again, congratulations to the new batch of Prefects
who will be leading the school!