Monday, August 3, 2009

Our colourful class

We are asked by Pn. Shanthi and Pn. Chan to win the class deco. competition for the title Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa.

We are not that enthusiastic in winning this competition in the beginning until our class
teacher; Pn. Chan says that winning this competition can increase our chance in winning the Class of The Year competition which our class is only few marks behind 5S2.

Pn. Shanthi in other hand, wants us to win the competition because our class is thought by her and she is one of the teachers who are in charge of the Keceriaan Sekolah sort of thing.

Of course, with the exams in our bag, we decided not to take actions until we finished the exams. It’s also counted as a plan not to put up anything just in case our rivals excel us and our decorations got ‘demolished’, ‘destroyed’ and ‘disintegrated’ by the afternoon sessions.

Just like I expected in the beginning of the year, we, 4S2 are quite unique. We will not pull together until the very breaking
point. Almost like the event of Carnival Day, only this time we planned everything in the beginning but ‘construction’ will only begin in the very end.

Luckily, we manage to pull it off. Unfortunately, the Judges we expect to appear did not do so. Looking on the bright side, I think we are the only class who do this and the deco.s are still up. XD

As a ‘dessert’, our class got a one-sided love case and the ‘main character’ is someone unexpected. Make a vote on who do you think is the person!

PS: Photos are taken with
Ms. Seow Lai Yee's camera.


e said...

don't forget we got a drama to put up by the 21st of August sigh what presssure