Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Unleash Thyself

Models are recruited;
But the walkway is not built...
Performances are arranged;
But the selling tickets are not good enough…
Will this a successful event?
Or it’ll just be a disappointing programme…

As every Connaughtian knows, this Saturday night (15/08/09), our school is conducting another Saturday Nite Live activity for us. A fashion competition show conducted by our very own Sonny Biz Enterprise or known as Exxon Mobil.

Once again, curiousity drives me do A BIT of ‘poking’ around. I find the ‘general picture’ of this Saturday’s event a bit …… creative and unique (in nicer words), remarkable and unusual (in casual way), tosh and weird (based on my feelings).

For reader’s information, ‘translated’ from the poster above and results of my ‘research’, this event involves a fashion show, a fashion competition, performances and the coming of some XXX YB.

There some ‘glitches’ beneath the beautiful posters and persuasive advertisements.

1. Original numbers of models required is 50 BUT 70+ ‘models are recruited.

After doing some ‘interview’, the Exxons explain the incident as an accident and steps are taken to ‘repair’ the situation.

2. Performances vary from the ex-students of our school to some performances coming SMK Mutiara. But, is 4 hours enough to finish everything?

Assuming the Exxons ‘fixed’ their numbers of models problem and there is only 50 models doing the show/competition, each models taking up 5 minutes to walk to and fro on the runway.

Basic calculation of multiplication and division shows that ONLY the walking of the models already took up 4.167 hours! How are the Exxons going to ‘fixed’ this problem let’s wait and see.

3. Runways are not built!

Another (estimation) 84 hours for them to build an I/T shape runway inside the hall, if they fully used the 24 hours in a day. Is it possible for them to achieve that in such a short period of time?

The trainers of the models haven’t even heard of a runway with that shape before! Will this affect the performance of the models in cat-walking?

4. Tickets are not selling fast enough!

I heard from ‘a little birdie’ that the tickets sold are just 100+ while our hall can fit way more than that. The Exxons hope that this is just a symptom of M’sia Culture – last minute buying.

The amount of money profited so far is still 10000+ (if the ‘birdie’ is not wrong) while our school got a good head start (Carnival Day) comparing to other schools. Does this prove that our school’s Exxon is not good enough? But our school came into 2nd place last year. What does it implicate?

So many challenges yet so little time…
To keep it up or not is time to choose…

I’ll post my opinions on this event later some day.
The information in this post MIGHT change from time to time.

So keep an eye out. Both if you can spare them.