Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What a day...

Ahh… first day back to school.

For the Form 5s, they will be doing their trial SPM. While for the Form 3s, they will be preparing for their PMR or once known as SRP. Is there any difference at all? Form 4s are and supposed to be no difference at all. I mean, our final year exam is set as the same date as the PMR Unfortunately, I don’t know about other classes, our class is still very far away from finishing the syllables. Dear God, I don’t know what’s going happen to us.

Well, I don’t know whether the other students got their own first-day-back-surprises, but our class got OUR own first-day-back-surprise and had to receive it in a terrible way.


The so-called ‘surprise’ is given by, I don’t know about others but in my opinion, the ‘best' science teacher EVER (sarcastically), Mr. Ebenezer a.k.a. Mr. Ebe by our class a.k.a. Mr. Energizer by some other classes.

The ‘surprise’ started like this.
I’ll skip the boring part and go straight to the juicy part.

When the class is almost ending, he saw 2 girls talking to each other. I shall not mention names. He claims that they have been talking from the beginning of the class. And recorded their names and the other usual discipline stuff. After that, he actually ‘asked’ them to leave the class!

OK…OK…I know they are wrong and everything but hey, after you wrote their names, case closed la…What for you ‘asked’ them to leave the class?! I don’t even know the teachers have the authority to do that! Puh-lease…I don’t know how things are run at your time or your ‘famous’ Penang Free School. But, hello~, you do realize this is the 21st century! Not your medieval times you know! Teachers now, I THINK, have no rights to send their students out of the class anymore, right?!

The surprise doesn’t end here.

After the short ‘chaos’, he then said something like, Since you are SO ‘smart’, you can study 6.10 & 6.11(that is everything about photosynthesis!) by your own. By the next class, I’ll finish off this chapter……And I can safely bet that by the end of this year, I’ll be giving out subjective questions on this sub-chapter, photosynthesis.

What the fuck! What kind of teacher and English is this!

After that, he slammed the table and shouted OI! towards a group of girls who are sitting at the hind of the Bio Lab (we later found out that when he practically yelled at them). Naturally the group of girls ignored him because NO NAMES are addressed.

Uncle! You just slammed the table and shouted OI! Whoever in the class can also be the ‘OI’ you’re describing right! Who knows you are shouting at them!

He then ‘asked’ them to come out and gave them a lecture (nicer way), scolding (casual way), yelling (bad way).

When I say he yelled, that is still me trying to be polite. He later practically yelled at one of them to GET LOST. The girl, not very good in understanding rude English herself, just nodded. He later threatens to throw the Biology book at her!


You won’t be teaching us, fine by me! When the percentage of Biology marks drops, DON’T YOU EVEN DARE TO BLAME US! IS YOU WHO REFUSE TO TEACH US! IS YOU WHO ASK US TO READ BY OURSELVES!

For the readers who are curious why am I making such a fuss over such a small thing, this NOT his first time.

He had done this before in the past. Some of you might say let the past stay as the past. But hey, you are not the one living through this and not everyone as forgiving as you.

Can you even imagine learning from a teacher who ask called people smartass and tell you to not to embarrassed yourself when you give morning greetings to him?! That’s not even scratching the surface!


What kind of fucking English are you using! You say
you can safely bet that by the end of this year, YOU’ll be giving out subjective questions on this sub-chapter, photosynthesis.

What the hell! When you say you bet, means you are not sure about the results. That’s why you bet! Not because when you know the results already and you bet!

For heaven’s sake, for our sake, for your own dignity’s sake, improve your bloody English before you come out teach.

No wonder most of the teachers wanted the policy English in Science and Mathematic to be demolished.

Now, I don’t know what the decision of the class is. But I can tell you readers that, if no immediate actions are taken, we, 4S2’s namesake will be in jeopardy.

Actually, I’ll make this opinion short, I think he is going through menopause. Lolx. I mean, he went crazy before, and the craziness stopped for a short moment. After that, meaning after the holidays, the craziness come again. Imagine that, 2 menopause! Or should I say 2 menopauseS! A wonder in the Medical History... Lolx…

PS: Sorry for the improper English used because I cannot describe It in a proper way...