Saturday, October 31, 2009

Titus Returns from Exile

I’M BACK!!! After a long time of not blogging due to ‘Exam Exile’, at last I’m back action! XD

Now my heads is literally bursting with the things I want to type. Other than pure typing, there’s so much editing to do! So let me tell one thing for sure is, in these few days time, this blog will be back in action with a lot of posts. When I say a lot, I do mean A LOT!

Since it was exam previously, my sweet, caring, loving parents literally plug out the whole modem. So I can just keep short drafts in my mobile phone. Now I’m back online, I’ll start pouring out the things from my phone.

So, ya, you’ll see a lone series of posts which contains things and ideas which cross my mind during the exam period. Now, get a cushion or pillow, make yourself comfortable, make some pop-corn of something and enjoy my posts. XD

I’ll be typing from ‘that day point of view’. Meaning instead of typing as 'last week', I’ll type it as 'today'. I won't doing a lot of Font Colouring since my posts will be long and many.