Sunday, November 29, 2009

A day in the Plaza

At last, I’ve finally know what Plaza Low Yat looks like. I’ve heard of this Plaza’s name for numerous times in the mouth of the people who do computers. Whenever they mentioned the name, I was like What? Where’s that?

Although I went to the place, I can’t say I enjoyed it. Crowded place, many people, mountain people mountain sea, one phrase that describe all, NOT my place.

Well, you must be wondering, why did this guy went there, if he doesn’t like the place? Well the answer to the question is, my brother, Standard 6, needed a new phone. So my father brought him there to choose one. I, tagged along to see what kind of place is that and to ask for the prices of some phone accessories I wanted.

Gone there, seen there, hate there.

Phone accessories, my father say the price is to expensive. So, you know la…