Monday, November 16, 2009

Missing Them

Today the sky shed tears for my behalf. In less than two months, I’ll have to forget the exciting the journey I have with the Form 5’s this year. This year, ever since I joined the Drama Team, I’ve met a lot of lovely and interesting people. First time in my school life, I felt sad for the departure of my friends. I’m sure I’ll go EMO for some time next year…

Sitting in the hall alone...
Going down to recess alone…
No one to go out with after school…
No one to go crazy around with…
No one to share my new found ‘retard-ness’…

I realize today that even the days after their SPM are numbered. Too little. Not enough.

I have not learnt enough from them yet. Never enough…

They’ve taught me a lot... More than me or they ever realize, about friends, life in secondary school, having fun, teachers, people, and themselves.


When I first saw you, I knew there’s something different fro the other girls I ever saw in school. You are somehow more special, unique than any of them. You are a hidden star among the others. A star, which I’m sure, will shine more brightly than any other star that glitters across the heavens. Hope that you will remember me. A retarded guy who has the weirdest mind you ever met. Yes, I cannot deny it, I can’t help to like you a tiny little bit. Just a normal friends liking, ok, nothing serious. Don’t worry BJ; I will not take away you Beloved.


With the same opening. When I first saw you in the canteen, when BJ still have a crush on you, my mind WAS set to beware your ‘kind’ of people. I HAD always thought that you are the type person who cares about nothing and love will feed your stomach. Luckily the Drama Team proves me wrong or else I’ll missed meeting with a very charming fellow. You have showed me how far a person would go for love, friend and relationships. You have showed me to never to express one’s feelings. You have showed me the deepest love for a friend a person can give. I think I also have a slight affection towards you. XP. Yet, luckily, now it’s just a pure love for a friend. The deepest I can ever give.


Hmmm… I haven’t realize your ‘presence’ around the others (Melissa and Iven) until I first went out with you ‘guys’. Now, I’ll surely miss your bitchy-ness. It’s a compliment. XP. Actually I don’t a lot to write about you since you share bits of the Others. The carefree-ness, humours are the very few things I found on you and the Others. Naturally, like the others, I also have a love in the friendship we have. A very interesting one indeed.

The three of you are, of course, not the only one that changed my secondary school life this year.

Ace- Your weird sense of humour and taste. This is a good thing.

Adam- My ‘gay’ partner which I’ll miss

Catherine- Your latest ‘plush’, your interesting thinking and *ahem* with *ahem*.

Eric- You is one of the people who taught me something indirectly.

Kaichou- I don’t know your real name but the quarrels we had the best I had. XD

James- Who I call Gabriel’s ‘mentor’. Only more cracking jokes.

Jeremy- Your ‘mature’ and tricky mind with of course your ‘forbidden love’.

Xan- You has also a very charming person to be with.

Any other which I left out, don’t feel offense. I can’t seriously write every single one of you because it’ll take me forever.

One thing for sure is, once all of you had gone your separate ways, the beautiful things that I ever see will also depart…

You’ll find my post hard to understand because I did not know how to express it properly. The main thing is, I’ll miss all of you.