Monday, November 9, 2009

Turning points

It has been quite a while I type my blog. Lol. Hmmm… most probably that my results sucks so much that I don’t have a heart to type any post. Anyway, the most important thing is I’m back now.

Hmmm… what should I discuss today? Ah, I know! Let’s talk about the turning point of our lives! In this post is likely to be my life. Lol

Do any of you have met something, someone or an incident which changed your life completely? As far as I remember, I’ve met 2 in fact. Both of them are people instead of an incident.

Let’s see the 1st person, Mr. Siew Hao Yang a.k.a. Mr. Santa Siew

1 foot note, as far as I concerned, I consider him as dead and for a good riddance. >] No, no, no, stories aren’t supposed to start from the middle. Let’s go back to the very beginning.

Once upon a time …

Even worse, wrong opening…

Let’s see I know him since Standard 4 and blah, blah, blah. I’ll just cut short the story. He thought me what is a leader supposed to be like. He thought me the importance of knowledge. The most important of all is he thought me the influence a ‘powerful’ person can hold. Hehehe… Maybe this is when I start to thirst for ‘power’. But, that’s a 300 years ago story. It’s just an expression.

Now, after I totally broke off from any binding, I met another person, to be much more specific, a group of people who changed my, what I say, upper secondary life, Form 4.

I can proudly admit myself to be changed by these extraordinary, lovely and excellent people! They are, Melissa, Iven, Nicole, other Drama members and, of course, Pn. Lim. Most influential are still Melissa, Iven and Nicole. Lol.

I mean God, looking back now, shish, I sound so old, this year is my most exciting year of my secondary school life so far. I adapt things, thoughts and habits that totally blow off your mind. There’s too much to be talk and elaborate. Ok, maybe I can elaborate a thing or two. 1 thing for sure is, because of them, I changed! For the better or worse I do not know. It’s for you to judge.

Now, like what typed, one of the many changes is I start to think simple! Lol. Yeah, to tell you the truth, previously, meaning before I resigned, my thinking was SOOO old! It’s a 60 years old mind in me! Yuck! Imagine that! I like to think, what I say before I resigned, ‘far and wide’. Ewww… Meaning I like to make simple things complicated. Hehehe…

Now, since I know the ‘guys’, although it's consist of girls and a gay, no offence, =P I adapt their thinking, simple! I start to realize that, most of the times, simple make things prefect! Lol. I even to take the marks of THIS YEAR’S exam, nothing more than just a few numbers.

Like duh, what for you cry and groan and moan over a few marks? It just makes your life more miserable and unhappy. It’s just like making a choice between accepting the marks happily and grudging over a few marks that makes you an unhappy person.

And this is for the people who like to compare marks BETWEEN classes. I hope at this point, you’ll also think back. If you love that class so much, why don’t you kindly, do us a favor, go to Mr. Wong and apply for a class transfer. Don’t stay in the class to destroy the mood. Yes, it can be taken as a motivation, but it also be taken as an insult which causes any peoples self-esteem to be damage. Shish!

Anyway, I’ve met my turning point. Have you?

I still have many un-type Exile posts. Maybe I’ll type it when I have nothing to type about… lol.


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