Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Fates are Cruel

Crows perched on my house this morning, trying to warn us the Coming.
The sky shed the tears of sadness on my behalf.

The Fates are pitiless. They cut the line of Life of the people who time has come to an end. Fortunately for my grandfather, They are merciful to him. They waited until the sons and daughters, grandchildren of my grandfather to pay their last visit before They take him away.

Yet, The Fates are cunning. For my grandfather’s last wish can not be fulfill. He can’t go back to the place where my family’s linage begins. He can not go back to place where the house is built with his own sweat and blood. He cannot go back to the place where he set his first step into Malaysia with his wife, my late grandmother. He can not go back to the place where he started the family. He can not go back……