Saturday, May 29, 2010

Roses are Red, Prefects are Blue, You aren’t Sweet and We loath you.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”
- The Life of Reason, Volume 1:1905, George Santayana-

Loath. Yes the word is L-O-A-T-H. Not hate but loath of your very existence. Hypocrites, Foxes and honest politicians. I am not surprised you are now polluting and corrupting the new minds to continue the legacy of aristocracy.

Unfortunately for Them, I have unnatural Fate to be with Prefects. Since Form 1, I’ve befriended Prefects more than I can count. Including at tuition centers as well.

An ache They cannot get rid off. In another word, a pain in Their ass. Now with only 2 months left, the name of their successors will be announce next Monday.

After the school’s election, they’ll be OFFICIALLY off duty. I said officially, not whole heartedly. They’ll make excuses to not mind it. But hey, I tasted Power before. The intoxication; The ecstasy; The fame; The pride is just too tasty is let go.

It’ll go. Of course go, but it’ll take time. Especially when the new Head MIGHT refer to the Seniors from time to time for their insufferably pitiful ‘wisdom’, which will give Them a sense of usefulness.

Let’s not talk about the going-to-rot-ones. Let’s see about the POSSIBLITIES of Mr. B being elected and the problems he MIGHT face.

Around 250%, according to the Drama Scale (1-300%)

Not controlling the students. Not cooperation within the Board as well. It’s popularity. He’s too popular for his own good. Good looking as well.

The teachers will want him as their helper in their own clubs or organizations. The students will be, most likely, vote him as the leader in everything. The girls will be chasing after him as well, wanting his love and their desire to bask in his fame.

Busy boy eh?

He can reject. Of course he can. For the teacher’s and students who understand, he’ll be fine. For the ones who do not, he’ll be in trouble.

Proud of one’s self? I BELIEVE he can resist that one quite well. But I can be wrong.

So give a loud applause for him, it’s a sign of his uprising and downfall IF he ever get elected as the new Head Boy.