Saturday, May 29, 2010

Talent Time Had Changed the Future Time of Certain.

For those who remember, SMK Taman Connaught conducted the first ever English talent competition. I won’t elaborate what happen then. Old news. I would say the aftermath of it.

Let’s see, one of the people whose future is changed by it is no other than Jeremy Wong.

He WAS an athlete, a sprinter to be exact, who strikes people as a shy person. Not very popular comparing to Goh Quan Tzhoe or Boon Aik Hau, as far as I know.

He IS now the star of SMKTC a.k.a. ‘The Popper’ to some people. Not forgetting he is performing again for SMKTC’s Teacher’s Day (04/06/2010)

Another person will be Pn. Ursha.

Not that she turned nicer, I mean no disrespect, she turned nastier. For a few LAME reasons:

1. The Talent Time judges didn’t choose the 5S1’s obscene performance, which she is their teacher.
Thank God they didn’t. I ran out of the Hall when they’re doing it.

2. Ms. Lian keeps on borrowing Edbert out her class.
As if Ms. Lian intended to do so?! It’s just a coincident.

I actually understand her feelings but I actually expect her to be more…… ‘classy’. I don’t know the suitable word. Yet, I do not blame her and now just avoiding her whenever I can.

Yipee me.

Although I said it’s a long story, I summarized it. Ask me in a form of comment if you wish to know more. Cbox comment will be ignored.