Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A stroll down the park.

Last week, the school had the same old same old Jog-athon (totally time wasting in my opinion). My mother (unfortunately for me) forced me to go to school (while I could have stayed at home to Zzzz). Forced as in saying this is my last year and all that shit.

Anyway, as usual, I, Ed and Ben took a stroll down the ‘park’ (longer distance this time). Only difference is that we’re being ‘chased’ by an idiot, who does not understand we don’t want him around (don’t know what goes through that thick head of his).

Blah, blah, blah,
nobody got trampled, died or suffered a brain damage (too bad). In the end, some jocks got the price (Hurrah…= =). Nicole’s ‘famous’ brother got another price (champion or something). Now he has bigger head (Hurrah to that too….).

Most of time, I just ‘sleepwalked’ through the whole journey, including when I’m inside the hall (don’t even know what’s happening).

Thank God this is my final year. No more funding the school by making myself smells bad .