Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A __________ talk (Fill in the blanks with any word you think is suitable)

Today, our dear-old-don’t-know-when’s-gonna-die Headmistress gave all the Form 5 Science classes a ‘motivational’ talk (spent 30+minutes listening to crap except for the last part that is done by Pn.LimXP).

Anyway, she’s giving us the let’s-see-how-shitty-you-are-comparing-to-the-last-year-people treatment (Zzzz…). I’ll cut the crap and go to the main point. She wants to see the students whose CPGA is higher than 4 (it’s almost like everyone) in her office starting next week (skip class along the way).

Tomorrow will be the Edu. Fair though, can’t wait for it. Friday will be the Uni / college’s talk (bragging) about why should their place be chosen for further education