Sunday, July 11, 2010

Animal talk

After the movie Free Will, there are not many sea creatures that can compete with Willy the Orca. Of course, it now has a rival. In Germany, Oracle is coming in the form of octopus. That’s right. Our friendly eight-legged, invertebrate sea creature is now the new appointed messenger of Apollo.

Paul the Oracle Octopus had predicted the loss of Germany against Spain not mentioning their previous feat in the World Cup. Due to their completely ignorance (no offence here Mel) that Paul don’t know where he (assuming it’s a male) is living, the fanatical fans sent recipes to cook Paul. (Seriously… *eyes rolling*)

Yesterday is already the final match for Germany in the World Cup (don’t know what’s the result…too busy), I wonder what will happen to Paul. End up in someone’s stomach or get back its old life in the aquarium? Frankly, I won’t be surprise if the newspaper said that Paul got poison while it’s sleeping in its aquarium by lunatic fans. Germany or no Germany supporters.

Other than Paul, they claim a bird in Singapore also knows how to predict the results of the World Cup competition. Apollo must be really short of hands that he requires eight of them and a pair of wings to help him in his work.

Lesson learnt:
Never tell the whole world you can predict football matches.