Thursday, July 1, 2010


And I thought you will be happy for me. Instead she when all over “I’m not killing your dreams but…” how thick can you get? I just ask you to go and see. But what she says, “No~ it’s time wasting because even though we go, it’s not going solve the cash problem."

Fine! Fine! I was so motivated to study hard and what happened, I get this kind respond. It’s like getting hit by the truck. I want to fly. If you dare to restrain me, I don’t think the blood will stop from cutting off contact with you people.

Overseas study is dumping the money into the sea~ study here same like studying overseas~ Fine than. Since you don’t want me to study AT ALL, I’ll just find a way to do it. By hook or by crook. And I mean it.

Blood is thicker than water…. BULLSHIT I SAY! I don’t see them supporting me. What they do? They just go all You can’t do it~ You can not find a good job~ you will not be able to do it~

I’m totally tired of putting my foot into YOUR shoe. Try putting your foot into mine? oh wait, you can’t! why? Because you of all people just do not want me to think! We should be all family first no matter you GET A JOB OR NOT!

For heaven’s sake! Will you feed me for the rest of my life because I value the idiom family first?! Sheesh!

I’ve been searching and waiting for something like this for few a YEARS! YEARS MY DEAR! YEARS! If it comes to it, I will not hesitate to make my own decision. Even if it involves unlocking the doors in the middle of the night and cut off from all contact.

Disown me if you want to, I no longer care. Refusing to listen AT ALL ends everything. I MEAN IT.