Sunday, July 11, 2010


Yesterday, our dear Prime Minister announced that every student who got 9A+ or above will receive the scholarship (Joy~). On the CONDITION, after finishing their studies, applicants have to come back to serve the country (Kill Joy~).

Seriously, what is the point of coming back to serve the country when the overseas government are paying better. What is the point to get a scholarship to go overseas at the first place if you need to come back to get a lower payment. Sheesh.

In another word, if you have money, go overseas and who cares how you spend it. In contradiction, if you are poor, get scholarship, go overseas and work for the Gov when you come back. Not mentioning you still have to deal with the taxes. In the end, you’ll just have enough money to eat. (For what?)

Lesson learnt: Get an oversea scholarship (if possible) or a private company scholarship (if possible again) so you don’t have to work like shit when you have oversea degree while the payment is the same as no degree.