Sunday, August 29, 2010

An Old Movie

Well, I haven’t been blogging for quite a while. Not because I don’t want to, it’s just there is nothing interesting happening.

Moving to another point, this month happens to have many kinda attracting looking movies. Grown-ups, Step-up, Expendables and, of course the one I’ve been waiting for, Vampire Sucks.

Too bad I don’t have the time, yet, and people who are willing to accompany me. Nikki and Iven are too busy. So most likely I’m going to watch by myself again. Been doing that quite a lot lately.

Well, I want back to my grandparent’s house during Friday. While going through the videos, I found one which I’ve been searching for a long time, My Neighbor Totoro (1988).

A very cute show. I first watched it when I was very very young. I can’t remember when but the cartoon characters are just stuck inside my head. Anyway, I only watched it once, then the discs went ‘poof’. Vanished until I found it yesterday.

Heart-warming and just nice. Of course it seems to be very childish, as some of you might say, but it’s cute. It don’t have a very climatic plot, it concentrates more on the innocence and fairytale magic.

So, this old movie still have its magic.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


So the nightmare for the Form 3s starts today (the ones who are taking Chinese). So they trial is I don’t know for how long, ours (Form 5s) starts at 22nd of September. Hmm…… Not much to say except good luck for the F3s and Work smart for the F5s.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Before, After, Future?

Well, today’s the ‘coronation’ of the new Head Boy, Bryan. Like duh~ Since they’re Prefects, they make a big deal out of it. The video, light effects, blah, blah, blah. And now Ed is OFFICAILLY out of the ‘working force’. Most of it just a hell lot of bullshit as usual, favorite part will still be the Credit of their indescribable bad vid.

Of course the 5S1 are the usual hooligans. Childish more likely Creating sound pollution.

In the other hand, James is kind of tense lately. I don’t know about him just work and work and work. Is he turning into a workaholic? I don’t remember Jeremy being like that. Ah, well. Each with their own personality.

Bryan the new Head Boy will of course is heading a lot of problems. Problems not troubles. In another way of speaking, ‘challenges’. Just to make it sound nicer.

Wonder Bryan, Gabriel and James will ever be the same again……

So new blood, new dawn.

P/S: There’s nothing wrong in Gabriel. I THINK. Just put it there as the 3 Drama Prefects.
PP/S: Something cacat with my house Internet. So my last post in Segi College will be postponed. But if you’re using the Google Reader then it means you read it already.

Friday, August 13, 2010

waiting, watching and laughing

14/8 - Yesterday, another number of students fall victim our school’s Sweeney Todd (John a.k.a. MJ by Prefects). He and his razor are taking over the school by starting a new regiment of military hair style----- very short hair. They/He wanted to start a new ‘custom’ of same hair-style tradition in the school. The new Head Boy candidates are the first to join the ‘regiment’ as a sign of support and exemplary. The ‘campaign’ (spot-check) has started yesterday and will continue for another 2 days.


Thank Heaven’s I’m F5 this year. School is as Hell as ever *eyes rolling*. Now the teachers are giving out our Testimonial marks, more reason for the ‘pet dogs/shoe-shiner’ to be a goody-goody.

Did I mention that the class next door 5S2-1 has gone racist issue with their class teacher during carnival day? Therefore their testimonial marks… Hehehe…

Moving with MY blog, due to tests, ‘magic’ modem and boring school, I haven’t been blogging. Of course, my ‘lame + imbecile + idiotic + bitch fucking + whose-brain-is-not-any-smarter-than-the-least-evolved-creature twin’ has been ‘kindly’ taking my job in Cbox.

So everyone can either pay no attention to him/her/it or just play around with to him/her/it if you guys like.

Anyway, I can’t wait to finish my SPM now. The torturous waiting is killing me slowly.