Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kathy Griffin rocks!

Today will be the end of the holidays. By next Friday, it’ll be our trial SPM. Well, I won’t say whether I studied but I did found something interesting during the hols.

Ladies & gentlemen, meet Kathy Griffin. I just love her show. She’ll say ANYTHING on her show. Although she got a hell lot of trouble due to her ‘openness’ in her language, she is one hell of a women. I do suggest Nikki and anyone who is OK with the word ‘fu*k’, ‘sh*t’, etc., to watch it. 2 thumbs up people!

Her videos can be watched at youtube.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Adam Lambert is coming to town during the 14th of October. Oh My God! Unfortunately, as much as I want to go and watch it, I can’t. It’s like few days before the ‘big thing’--- SPM. Can’t imagine any parents letting their children doing that either.

Talking about SPM, last Thursday, the school arranged a motivational talk for us. The purpose is to motivate us which turn out to be soppy sessions where the orator, makes us feel guilty because we haven’t ‘contribute’ to our family yet. So we have to do that by scoring good grades in our SPM. Hahaha…

Overall for me, I don’t feel motivated at all. The way to motivate me, promise me a guaranteed ‘ticket’ to study in Australia, then I feel motivated.Aussie! Seriously, the ‘guilt card’ might work for some people but not for me.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

National Day

Well, I don’t know how the others spend their national day holiday, but for me, I went to 2 movies. Grown-ups & Vampire Suck.

As predictable as he can be, Adam Sandler acted in another family-theme movie. Just like Click, Bed-Time Stories, etc. etc. Grown-Ups, for me, is just a mere pass. It isn’t bad but it isn’t the best movie yet. And please, stop doing the same theme over and over again!

Vampire Suck didn’t turn out as what I expect it to be. The director could have, I believe, done it better. Although I don’t mind Jacob White in Vampire Suck replace Jacob Black in the Twilight Saga. He has a more animated face comparing Mr. Black. The trailers have shown most of the juicy parts. So watching it feel kind of disappointed.

I do hope the scene movie; where one of them saying the ratings of Breaking Dawn is going to drop, DO come true. Of course I also got very pissed off by the Becca in the movie. If I saw another girl pull her hair behind the ears and bite her lower lips at the same time, I’m so going to kill her. The action if just SO irritating! Argh! Wish I could reach inside the screen and give her a slap.

I did go a bit exploring before going in the cinema. OMG! I saw the book I so want to buy but it has the wrong cover and damn expensive price! And yes, I’m picky with the book cover.

Coming up will be Johnny Depp in the movie Rango which I BELIEVE he’ll be voicing the chameleon.