Saturday, September 4, 2010

Adam Lambert is coming to town during the 14th of October. Oh My God! Unfortunately, as much as I want to go and watch it, I can’t. It’s like few days before the ‘big thing’--- SPM. Can’t imagine any parents letting their children doing that either.

Talking about SPM, last Thursday, the school arranged a motivational talk for us. The purpose is to motivate us which turn out to be soppy sessions where the orator, makes us feel guilty because we haven’t ‘contribute’ to our family yet. So we have to do that by scoring good grades in our SPM. Hahaha…

Overall for me, I don’t feel motivated at all. The way to motivate me, promise me a guaranteed ‘ticket’ to study in Australia, then I feel motivated.Aussie! Seriously, the ‘guilt card’ might work for some people but not for me.