Thursday, December 23, 2010


OK, I busted today’s outing due to financial crisis. Anyway, I went to Leisure Mall instead of Mid Valley. As if I can help it. Kind of hard to survive at Mid Valley when you only have RM20.00. Long story about the shortage of cash.

So, yeah, I went to LM, watched Tron. I can totally imagine Ed’s face turning maroon at the moment. Totally agree to what The Star said. It’s a movie design for 3D. The graphics will be way better. The sound track sounds nice though. Love the Zuse character but he is kind of dumb. Almost all the characters are dumb anyway. The story line is quite boring, same old same old. A bit like Clash of the Titans.

I also heard from TV that Malaysia produced her first GAY movie! I know! Weird~ considering this is a being-gay-is-breaking-the-law country. Anyway, the movie is given the title ‘Dalam Botol’. In a bottle? What is that suppose to mean?

So, holidays seem to be endless. Don’t know what I am going to do in the future. In the mean time, just read, eat, sleep and live on.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


To everyone reading this:
- Be prepared for terrible grammar and vocabulary.
- Be prepared to laugh at my:
+ childishness
+ narrow-mindedness

WARNING: Not suitable for the people with first class mentality.

Hey everyone, it’s been ages since I last post. Things come, things go. Well, everyone is MOST LIKELY doing their favourite things. Shopping, reading eating, sleeping, … blogging. Some already went for holidays. Bali, Thailand, Beijing, …… Others will be working or thinking about their future.

I don’t know about you guys (and girls), I am now having one of my worry-too-much-about-nonsense moments. Here’s the thing. BenJi is going to AUSMAT at MCKL, Vincent is going to local matriculation or STPM. Daniel… I don’t know about that fella. I WAS planning to join BenJi at AUSMAT as well but…… Of course, the greatest need in this materialistic world--- MONEY.

Most likely (99.9%) now, that I will not be going to AUSMAT but will be joining the FREE-GOVRMENT-FUNDED-1 ½ BLOODY YEARS of STPM. Of course, my parents are thrilled by the word FREE. Same result + no money needed, why bother to think about others, right?

Unfortunately, I DO NOT like the way of studying of STPM. Like what BenJi said, cow studying method. Swallow, Regurgitate, Repeat process. Lovely isn’t. Been going that for the last 11 years and not planning to do it again. So there’s only one option left-----WORK.

We always write in our BM karangan “dalam era globalisasi ini, …”. So what? We do live in the age of globalization BUT the pathway of a person is still the same after secondary/high school-----work or study.

Since I do not want to study with the given option, I might as well just work. In pet store, restraint, pirated DVD……I don’t know. I no longer need to care.

My whole life’s dream is to become a marine biologist, in Australia, on my own floating lab. Just me, the lab and a deep blue sea. Lovely isn’t it. Except now it’ll just remain as a dream.

Here’s my parents plan for me: (Not that they told me but I can read it clearly from their face)
- Go to work / get driving licenses
- Go for STPM
- Go for local university studying crap
- Get a job
- Fuck a woman
- Have kids
- Die as a miserable old man wondering if I had chosen differently.

Charming isn’t it. A life everyone wants.

Not that I do not want to further my study but the problem is time factor. Assuming I finish my university at 25 – 29 ++, I need to redo everything again. Starting from Degree. That’s also assuming the world is not going to end at 2012 and I do not die half way throughout my life. Unless my father is going to hit Jackpot or win TOTO tomorrow, I will be living the life written above.

Christians will say this is God’s test to you. No offence meant here. If it is a test, I think I just got myself an E. I don’t know what the Big Guy is planning for me up there but I’m not loving it.

Time comes, time goes. Who knows what’s going to happen tomorrow. Maybe the world is going to end at 2012; maybe I’m just going to sleep forever after this; maybe I’m just going to end up on the streets taking cracks. Till then, good morrow everyone.