Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bread and Books

Well, while Edbert is off to NS, Benjie started on AUSMAT and Nicole who will be going to Australia during Feb. (I want to kill you Nic!) I’m still waiting for the reply of the assistant manager. (Don’t really know where I’m heading in the future yet. Most likely following my parents ‘timetable’) I handed in my application form and have yet to receive a reply. (Don’t ask) Of course, people who bought books from Scholastic last year will still remember the books the school owes us our books. Luckily for me, I bought my books under my brothers’ name. (He is still useful after all!) So yay for me! (Totally can see Daniel’s eyes rolling)

Thank God the Mockingjay does not Stephenie Meyer’s name printed in the front page. (Let’s not go there) After finishing Mockingjay, I’d find that the story does have a twist (Pn. Lim!) only it is in a form of deaths. Kind of funny though. It seems the best twist most of nowadays stories can have is death. With just a few lines, authors can kill off one of his or her characters in the book. (It does have the God-like feeling) But, this is good story. The ending is different. Not the fairytales happily ever after ending but happy enough.

Two books down, four more to go!

P/S: Unfortunately, books are the only entertainment allowed to me at the moment. No booze yet. (Sad)

PP/S: Guten Tag Mel, ich brauchen ihr helfen in Deutsch.