Wednesday, April 13, 2011


As Nikki will say, BUNNEH! Well, went to watch HOP today, if you read Nikki's previous post, you will recognise this picture.

Apparently, this chick is more like Ben than I can ever imagine. The chock even speaks French like Ben! XDDD!

Anyway, the story is about two characters growing up. One believes (human) he is meant to do something great while another (bunny) wants to be drummer instead of the bunny in charge of Easter. The Easter Bunny aka Peter Cottontail. In this movie, he is known as E.B. It is pronounce as Eeee...Beee...not Eb. E.B. like music instead of candies and chocolate. Did you know actually Easter Bunnies poop jelly beans? I can never look at the jelly beans the same way after I watched HOP.

Well, the story line is blah~ BUT the bunnies are so adorable! Did I mention the Pink Berets? Apparently, theya re the Easter Bunny's Royal Guards. Dangerously cute.

Overall, the bunnies and the chicks are just so cute! The movie not so cute. I'm now awaiting the screening of Puss in Boots. The one that is featured in the Shrek movies.

Iven, I found an interesting desert for your Christmas party (if you are having one). It's call Swan Puff. The ingredients are quite simple so are the methods of making.

And here I end my long-time-never-posted-anything-blog-post with the theme song of the movie HOP 'I Want Candy'.