Sunday, May 15, 2011

Red Riding Hood

"Ah, granny! Such long ears you have."
"The better to hear you."
"Ah, granny! Such large eyes you have."
"The better to see you."
"Ah, granny! Such large hands you have."
"The better to take hold of you."
"But, granny! Such a terribly large mouth you have."
"The better to eat you up!"

Sounds familiar? I’m sure all of you had read the story ‘Red Riding Hood’ before. There are actually a few versions of it. The original version was from the Grimm Brothers who like their story to be bloody and gory. Disney had changed them to be much more ‘acceptable’ by children and much more suitable as bedtime stories.

Moving on with the movie, the Big Bad Wolf here is a werewolf terrorizing the village. Of course, they bring in the heavy cavalry, the Church. All the sudden, everyone is a werewolf, a witch or a Devil’s advocate. The first 5 minutes of the movie, the lovers are already ‘tonguing’ each other. Mark the words ‘tonguing’ instead of ‘kissing’. I mean, you can literally see the tongue come out.

Red Riding Hood, Valerie, was more than she seems to be. Mother had an affair. Grandma makes horrible porridge. Peter a.k.a. Mr. Tongue was suspected to be a werewolf. The dude who loves Red Riding Hood, Henry, seems to be the only normal one there. Of course, she doesn’t love him back.

There’s not much of excitement in the movie. The only twist was the true character of the Wolf. Seriously, thinking back, he is such a pedophile. Another movie for me to sleep through.

*Sigh*. Where are all the good movies?