Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"Sh!t! Fncking fnck fnck fnck! Why do siblings have to be so annoying and such a pain in the a$$. !@#$%^&*......"

Pardon me for the profanity. Not the way I imagine I'll be typing away again. It has been ages since I have the flare to write again. Sh!t dude. I mean gosh. Unlike the older days, words just come and go easily. Now, I need emotional distress to write even a single sentence (Since when I became so womanish).

With exam creeping ever closer (sh!t! fnck!), the motivation to even open a book gets lower. ( Lazy gene...... so overpowering) To think the mountain of unfinished work is simply overwhelming. It is easier to play dumb and ignore the problem (coward? Definitely). Funny thing is I know I'll regret it later and the problem will just come back to haunt me (Aaarrrggghhh!).

Should I blame anyone for this? Sure, the whole world. But I know myself that I'm the problem. Weird plus cuckoo. Deal with the problem? Too bad. No manual and due to my extreme laziness, I prefer to take the easy way out (I'm such a pansy).

Ah well, that's that. D@mn, I can literally see time slipping past my fingers like grains of sand. Time to procrastinate.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Red Riding Hood

"Ah, granny! Such long ears you have."
"The better to hear you."
"Ah, granny! Such large eyes you have."
"The better to see you."
"Ah, granny! Such large hands you have."
"The better to take hold of you."
"But, granny! Such a terribly large mouth you have."
"The better to eat you up!"

Sounds familiar? I’m sure all of you had read the story ‘Red Riding Hood’ before. There are actually a few versions of it. The original version was from the Grimm Brothers who like their story to be bloody and gory. Disney had changed them to be much more ‘acceptable’ by children and much more suitable as bedtime stories.

Moving on with the movie, the Big Bad Wolf here is a werewolf terrorizing the village. Of course, they bring in the heavy cavalry, the Church. All the sudden, everyone is a werewolf, a witch or a Devil’s advocate. The first 5 minutes of the movie, the lovers are already ‘tonguing’ each other. Mark the words ‘tonguing’ instead of ‘kissing’. I mean, you can literally see the tongue come out.

Red Riding Hood, Valerie, was more than she seems to be. Mother had an affair. Grandma makes horrible porridge. Peter a.k.a. Mr. Tongue was suspected to be a werewolf. The dude who loves Red Riding Hood, Henry, seems to be the only normal one there. Of course, she doesn’t love him back.

There’s not much of excitement in the movie. The only twist was the true character of the Wolf. Seriously, thinking back, he is such a pedophile. Another movie for me to sleep through.

*Sigh*. Where are all the good movies?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


As Nikki will say, BUNNEH! Well, went to watch HOP today, if you read Nikki's previous post, you will recognise this picture.

Apparently, this chick is more like Ben than I can ever imagine. The chock even speaks French like Ben! XDDD!

Anyway, the story is about two characters growing up. One believes (human) he is meant to do something great while another (bunny) wants to be drummer instead of the bunny in charge of Easter. The Easter Bunny aka Peter Cottontail. In this movie, he is known as E.B. It is pronounce as Eeee...Beee...not Eb. E.B. like music instead of candies and chocolate. Did you know actually Easter Bunnies poop jelly beans? I can never look at the jelly beans the same way after I watched HOP.

Well, the story line is blah~ BUT the bunnies are so adorable! Did I mention the Pink Berets? Apparently, theya re the Easter Bunny's Royal Guards. Dangerously cute.

Overall, the bunnies and the chicks are just so cute! The movie not so cute. I'm now awaiting the screening of Puss in Boots. The one that is featured in the Shrek movies.

Iven, I found an interesting desert for your Christmas party (if you are having one). It's call Swan Puff. The ingredients are quite simple so are the methods of making.

And here I end my long-time-never-posted-anything-blog-post with the theme song of the movie HOP 'I Want Candy'.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Well, with nothing to do for that day (28/02/11), I went to Mid Valley’s Golden Screen Cinema to watch two Oscar nominated movies. The King’s Speech and The Black Swan. Both movies were totally AWESOME!

The King's Speech

The Duke of York, acted by Collin Firth, in the movie, wasn’t actually the true heir to the throne of King George V. However, after some events he has to step up to the expectations of his people. Having problem in speaking fluently, a therapist was found. A chain of events followed, ending the movie with a blast.

Of course, King George VI didn’t fully overcome his problem in speaking publicly; his therapist was beside him all the way during all his war speech.

The movie totally earned the prize for Best Picture and Best original Screenplay. Of course, this movie would be nothing without its director, Tom Hooper, and actor, Colin Firth.

Colin Firth, as you people who watched the Oscar’s, won the award for Best Actor. He played the role of Duke of York. Later in the movie, he ascended to the throne as King George VI. The stuttering was very convincing. The swearing was hilarious.

Bonham Carter, nominated for the best supporting actress, played the role in The King’s Speech as the Duchess of York. I still prefer her acting as Bellatrix Lestrange in the Harry Potter series.
The Black Swan

Totally speechless. Natalie Portman’s role as Nina who has problem in hallucination due to stress was very convincing. Damn, the process of personality change was excellent. Though, I have to agree on the fact that the movie is 18. The seduction, lesbian sex and everything aren’t suitable for everyone.

In her pursue for perfection, Nina let go of herself for the growth of the quality of The Black Swan which she lacks. In the end, she succeeded with the price of her sanity and life.

Natalie Portman won the Oscar award as The Best Actress

Thursday, February 24, 2011

To the cinema...alone...again

Hello all, miss me? (Who would?) As much as I want to say I’m living my life, I’m not. In the past, it’s studying and studying and studying. Now is working and working and working. Lovely, isn’t it. Despite there were some good times (Hi Mel, Nikki, Iven,...), they’re all gone.

Moving on, went to watch Sanctum today.

If you like some adventures with people dying every 10 minutes, this would be your must-watch-movie. Overall, this is an OK movie. I won’t highly recommend it, still within the acceptable range though. The plot is OK going. The only really 18 part is just the dumb bitch cutting off her ear while the expert told her not to. Ah well, that’s why she’s dumb, right? I’m trying not to reveal too much about the movie. Spoilers right? I'm watching in 2D though. It might make a diffrence in 3D.

Saw a couple of people today. Not the well-know type but ok enough to greet each other. Went online to watch the official trailer of Rango though. Ahh, the voice of Johnny Depp is just right for the character.

Wonder what happened to Nic. Haven’t heard from her from Melbourne yet.

Hey Mel, ich bin ernsthaft erwägt deutschen Klassen. Ich fand jemanden, der als gut, aber RM700 interessiert ist, den Grundkurs abgeschlossen. Du denkst, ich sollte sie nehmen?

PS: Correct me Mel.

PPS: I know I'm pathetic

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Make it work

Went to my ‘interview’ today. It confirmed my theory on almost 50% of Chinese in Malaysia is English retards. The assistant manager called me and asked me to an interview. The first thing that popped into my mind was what kind of question are they going to ask? I prepared myself to any possibilities, which in the turned out to be a complete waste of time. Their so called ‘interview’ is just informing me about the shifts, my wages, and confirming my interest in it. What the fcuk! That’s not an interview! It didn’t even come close! As well, on the bright side, I’m doing what I do best and am being pay for it. Although on the down side, I only have 2 days off and I have to use them to learn to drive a car. Frankly, I’m not that keen on mastering it because it means that I’ll have the duty to fetch my brother to school in case of emergency. On the second thought, maybe I should. I’ll give him the ride on the life time. Hehehe…

Mel, was ihr denken wenn wir schreiben in Deutsch? Ich brauchen eine lehrerin.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bread and Books

Well, while Edbert is off to NS, Benjie started on AUSMAT and Nicole who will be going to Australia during Feb. (I want to kill you Nic!) I’m still waiting for the reply of the assistant manager. (Don’t really know where I’m heading in the future yet. Most likely following my parents ‘timetable’) I handed in my application form and have yet to receive a reply. (Don’t ask) Of course, people who bought books from Scholastic last year will still remember the books the school owes us our books. Luckily for me, I bought my books under my brothers’ name. (He is still useful after all!) So yay for me! (Totally can see Daniel’s eyes rolling)

Thank God the Mockingjay does not Stephenie Meyer’s name printed in the front page. (Let’s not go there) After finishing Mockingjay, I’d find that the story does have a twist (Pn. Lim!) only it is in a form of deaths. Kind of funny though. It seems the best twist most of nowadays stories can have is death. With just a few lines, authors can kill off one of his or her characters in the book. (It does have the God-like feeling) But, this is good story. The ending is different. Not the fairytales happily ever after ending but happy enough.

Two books down, four more to go!

P/S: Unfortunately, books are the only entertainment allowed to me at the moment. No booze yet. (Sad)

PP/S: Guten Tag Mel, ich brauchen ihr helfen in Deutsch.