Sunday, July 25, 2010

It all started with an idea

Finished watching Inception today and IT ROCKS! A serious mind boggling movie. A dream within a dream within another dream. Seriously, the person who thought of this must been not human. So complex but interesting. You have to watch it to know it.

Pushing aside the good movie, sometimes the people who went and watch it do puzzle me. Would you bring your under-12-years-old child to a movie like this? No wonder they are losing their imaginations. Or bring a girlfriend to a movie which has not much of a romantic scene? Another relationship had just ended. Weird….

On the brightside, although there’s no dark, thank God the kid is quiet the whole time and the couples are keeping to themselves, without noise. Another word, a good movie with a nice atmosphere --- prefect.

“It all start with an idea…the seed of idea will grow and thrive in the mind… stronger than any virus or bacteria…” Leonardo DiCaprio.

P/S: Inception means beginning

Saturday, July 24, 2010

That’s a Wrap

Ok… it has been quite some time since I blogged, time to wrap it all up. So, previously the F5 is so worried about the NS names and everything, tell me about it, and I didn’t get chosen. Yay for me! Not that good for Ed and Wayne, Selvina and Xiwen, and countless others who turned ‘hysterical’ due to the ‘joy’ of it. I wonder are they Massachusetts. They are 'happy' they got chosen and are doing some of the most unnatural things. of course now they have subside.

Of course of so many things, there’s always the Twilight saga, as stupid as ever. There’s still the ‘Jacob clan’ and the ‘Edward clan’. Not mentioning the ‘Anti-Twilight-Stop –Soppy-Vampire clan’. Such a horror, seriously. The boredom, the cliché-ness, the love in the air, ……………………………………………………………………………………
Sorry for passing out, need to go to toilet. Felt my yesterday’s dinner.

Moving on, before I puke again, Drama. Drama has loss its previous charm and attraction. Its soul and essence have flown to a distant land. The Art is not properly passed down. Now it falls into a deep slumber till from the ashes a fire shall spring, and the broken will again be king.

More of the Carnival updates, the Prefects are learning how to accept rejection today at the market. Don’t know which one though, missed the chance to laugh at them. Not mentioning the pathetic-ness of the KP, and the teacher in charged, had once again, shown to the world. So funny, they just never learn. Come to think of it, how can they learn if they at constant self-denial. Pity.

That’s about all if I’m not wrong…….

Oh, before i forget, today I’ve cooked dry spaghetti. Dry as in once lifted out from their Jacuzzi, placed in a plate and everything, it turned dry. lol. On a happy side, there’s ‘potato jacket’ without the potato skin. XD. Tasted ALMOST as good as Iven’s last year.

Now that’s a wrap.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Yesterday, our dear Prime Minister announced that every student who got 9A+ or above will receive the scholarship (Joy~). On the CONDITION, after finishing their studies, applicants have to come back to serve the country (Kill Joy~).

Seriously, what is the point of coming back to serve the country when the overseas government are paying better. What is the point to get a scholarship to go overseas at the first place if you need to come back to get a lower payment. Sheesh.

In another word, if you have money, go overseas and who cares how you spend it. In contradiction, if you are poor, get scholarship, go overseas and work for the Gov when you come back. Not mentioning you still have to deal with the taxes. In the end, you’ll just have enough money to eat. (For what?)

Lesson learnt: Get an oversea scholarship (if possible) or a private company scholarship (if possible again) so you don’t have to work like shit when you have oversea degree while the payment is the same as no degree.

Animal talk

After the movie Free Will, there are not many sea creatures that can compete with Willy the Orca. Of course, it now has a rival. In Germany, Oracle is coming in the form of octopus. That’s right. Our friendly eight-legged, invertebrate sea creature is now the new appointed messenger of Apollo.

Paul the Oracle Octopus had predicted the loss of Germany against Spain not mentioning their previous feat in the World Cup. Due to their completely ignorance (no offence here Mel) that Paul don’t know where he (assuming it’s a male) is living, the fanatical fans sent recipes to cook Paul. (Seriously… *eyes rolling*)

Yesterday is already the final match for Germany in the World Cup (don’t know what’s the result…too busy), I wonder what will happen to Paul. End up in someone’s stomach or get back its old life in the aquarium? Frankly, I won’t be surprise if the newspaper said that Paul got poison while it’s sleeping in its aquarium by lunatic fans. Germany or no Germany supporters.

Other than Paul, they claim a bird in Singapore also knows how to predict the results of the World Cup competition. Apollo must be really short of hands that he requires eight of them and a pair of wings to help him in his work.

Lesson learnt:
Never tell the whole world you can predict football matches.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


And I thought you will be happy for me. Instead she when all over “I’m not killing your dreams but…” how thick can you get? I just ask you to go and see. But what she says, “No~ it’s time wasting because even though we go, it’s not going solve the cash problem."

Fine! Fine! I was so motivated to study hard and what happened, I get this kind respond. It’s like getting hit by the truck. I want to fly. If you dare to restrain me, I don’t think the blood will stop from cutting off contact with you people.

Overseas study is dumping the money into the sea~ study here same like studying overseas~ Fine than. Since you don’t want me to study AT ALL, I’ll just find a way to do it. By hook or by crook. And I mean it.

Blood is thicker than water…. BULLSHIT I SAY! I don’t see them supporting me. What they do? They just go all You can’t do it~ You can not find a good job~ you will not be able to do it~

I’m totally tired of putting my foot into YOUR shoe. Try putting your foot into mine? oh wait, you can’t! why? Because you of all people just do not want me to think! We should be all family first no matter you GET A JOB OR NOT!

For heaven’s sake! Will you feed me for the rest of my life because I value the idiom family first?! Sheesh!

I’ve been searching and waiting for something like this for few a YEARS! YEARS MY DEAR! YEARS! If it comes to it, I will not hesitate to make my own decision. Even if it involves unlocking the doors in the middle of the night and cut off from all contact.

Disown me if you want to, I no longer care. Refusing to listen AT ALL ends everything. I MEAN IT.