Saturday, May 29, 2010

Roses are Red, Prefects are Blue, You aren’t Sweet and We loath you.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”
- The Life of Reason, Volume 1:1905, George Santayana-

Loath. Yes the word is L-O-A-T-H. Not hate but loath of your very existence. Hypocrites, Foxes and honest politicians. I am not surprised you are now polluting and corrupting the new minds to continue the legacy of aristocracy.

Unfortunately for Them, I have unnatural Fate to be with Prefects. Since Form 1, I’ve befriended Prefects more than I can count. Including at tuition centers as well.

An ache They cannot get rid off. In another word, a pain in Their ass. Now with only 2 months left, the name of their successors will be announce next Monday.

After the school’s election, they’ll be OFFICIALLY off duty. I said officially, not whole heartedly. They’ll make excuses to not mind it. But hey, I tasted Power before. The intoxication; The ecstasy; The fame; The pride is just too tasty is let go.

It’ll go. Of course go, but it’ll take time. Especially when the new Head MIGHT refer to the Seniors from time to time for their insufferably pitiful ‘wisdom’, which will give Them a sense of usefulness.

Let’s not talk about the going-to-rot-ones. Let’s see about the POSSIBLITIES of Mr. B being elected and the problems he MIGHT face.

Around 250%, according to the Drama Scale (1-300%)

Not controlling the students. Not cooperation within the Board as well. It’s popularity. He’s too popular for his own good. Good looking as well.

The teachers will want him as their helper in their own clubs or organizations. The students will be, most likely, vote him as the leader in everything. The girls will be chasing after him as well, wanting his love and their desire to bask in his fame.

Busy boy eh?

He can reject. Of course he can. For the teacher’s and students who understand, he’ll be fine. For the ones who do not, he’ll be in trouble.

Proud of one’s self? I BELIEVE he can resist that one quite well. But I can be wrong.

So give a loud applause for him, it’s a sign of his uprising and downfall IF he ever get elected as the new Head Boy.

Talent Time Had Changed the Future Time of Certain.

For those who remember, SMK Taman Connaught conducted the first ever English talent competition. I won’t elaborate what happen then. Old news. I would say the aftermath of it.

Let’s see, one of the people whose future is changed by it is no other than Jeremy Wong.

He WAS an athlete, a sprinter to be exact, who strikes people as a shy person. Not very popular comparing to Goh Quan Tzhoe or Boon Aik Hau, as far as I know.

He IS now the star of SMKTC a.k.a. ‘The Popper’ to some people. Not forgetting he is performing again for SMKTC’s Teacher’s Day (04/06/2010)

Another person will be Pn. Ursha.

Not that she turned nicer, I mean no disrespect, she turned nastier. For a few LAME reasons:

1. The Talent Time judges didn’t choose the 5S1’s obscene performance, which she is their teacher.
Thank God they didn’t. I ran out of the Hall when they’re doing it.

2. Ms. Lian keeps on borrowing Edbert out her class.
As if Ms. Lian intended to do so?! It’s just a coincident.

I actually understand her feelings but I actually expect her to be more…… ‘classy’. I don’t know the suitable word. Yet, I do not blame her and now just avoiding her whenever I can.

Yipee me.

Although I said it’s a long story, I summarized it. Ask me in a form of comment if you wish to know more. Cbox comment will be ignored.

Big L classes rocks!

Hell yea! Not rock as in we are shaking our heads and everything. We are doing as Cassius says ‘speaking of high things’. Every week, Tuesday and, sometimes, Thursday, 8.00 p.m. – 9.00 p.m.

We talk, chat, discuss and share our thoughts. Which curiously are from the same world. I would say very Drama team like. Too bad the girl is from SBU, or is it SBS, or she’ll be very easy converted into our gang.

Pn. Lim says three of us are very different from who she usually teach. No offence there. She says we shall meet again in 10 or 20 years time and sit around the table again and see whether we remembered what we promised her.

I don’t know about the other two but seriously, I don’t think I going to change anymore. Unless you want me to be worse than I am now. Better? Not really possible. Not that I didn’t try but because I tried and I turned out to be very terrible indeed.

We’ll see…

P/S: Anyone interested call up Pn. Lim. =P and anyone who wants to do so, heard it from a little birdie. Not me.

William Shakespeare will do a flip in his coffin.

How can they?! They just either finish spending it or don’t give a damn about it. If you know you will be conducting the same event for the coming year, surely you would have prepared the cash! The fund! The S Eleven, right? But no~ they just have to ‘forget’ to prepare it. Now thanks to them, I have spent my last year in school without Drama! @#$%^&……

Thank god, Pn. Lim still has some tricks up her sleeves. Actually I’m not even sure how many ‘things’ she standby. Updates about the Drama will come sooner…… or later.

The Smell is Killing Me!

You totally won’t believe it. The English Language Society is more like The Society of Weirdoes, nowadays. Take no offence, most of them are except for a few who are sane and it has TOTALLY NOTHING to do with me.

God you wont’ believe it. We have:

- A group of lower forms who can’t even UNDERSTAND English.

I don’t understand these people. What for you join a society which you can’t even communicate with each other? What do expect us to do? Teach you English and Grammar? Or you want us to teach you how to pronounce an English word? Jeez, these people.

- A teacher’s son, whose name I shall not mention because I don’t know it myself, who speaks like a cartoon character whom I can not remember.

If it’s like SpongeBob, I MIGHT be able to accept it; But No~, it has to be voice which is totally annoying + irritating. I do not have the most melodious voice in the world but that sound just stuck in your head for 3 or 4 hours once you heard it. Nightmare.

Not only the voice, he is making jokes which no one is laughing except for himself. *speechless*

- To make things worse, a F5 student who is 10 times worse than the person in just mentioned. Not forgetting, he is sensitive, aggressive and, possibly, mentally ill. Sheesh. Talking to him is like talking to a bottomless pit + tape recorder---no response + repeated complaints.

Not a proper response that is. I once took pity in him but he chooses self-destruction. Well, what can I do right?

He’s going to say complain the same things over and over and over again.
e.g. “I’m just pretending to be happy.”
“I was never happy for my 5 years in school.”

God! Shut up will you!

To make things clear, crystal clear, honestly, genuinely, literally clear before all of you are getting ideas. IT IS NOT MY DAMN FAULT! I didn’t even know these people are coming. When I first met them, I was totally stupefied by it.

Dark days for me.

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost,
From the ashes a fire shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that is broken,
The crownless again shall be king.
-The Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. TOLKIEN-

The fire that is long extinguished from the blog has, once again, rekindled. Of course, post might not be as interesting as the old times, but it’s better than wasting the space right? Let’s get back to the game…

Lot’s of things had happened, mostly I can’t remember. What I do remember:

1. ELS stink.
The smell of the ‘excitement’ of the members is ‘choking’ me each session. X (

2. Drama competition was and still is cancelled.
( - - )….. *speechless*

3. Big L classes are turning into confession and understanding-each-other-classes.
Me, Edbert, Tabitha (she’s an interesting Indian who has thinking like the old Drama team) and Pn Lim at her place every Tuesday night. We are the Tuesday people! XD

4. My writing mind had and still is taking a vacation.
Arrrgh! I can’t write an interesting story now! My brain is like soggy when I looked at the titles! That doesn’t happen to me for a hell of a long time!
O Inspiration, whither dost thou fly? – 3 -

5. Talent Time has produce and effect more than it intends to.
Looong story. = =

6. The election of the blue shirts is, once again, approaching.
I believe Bry_ _ _ is one the person who has a high risk of being a Head Prefect. I’ll elaborate about the case later.

7. Lee DeWyze won the title American Idol
I like the guy except he is still a bit shy. Crystal Bowersox rocks to. Sadly, Simon Cowell, who is like everything American Idol is worth watching, is leaving. I love that guy. = (

8. Totally, genuinely, literally, losing my mind due to the absence of the ‘oldies’.
While Simon is describing one of the singing as ‘cats jumping off the Empire State Building just before the hit the ground’, I’m one the cats who is willing to jump off that place to keep myself together. Don’t go “Huh?” because I can’t understand my own sentence as well-----totally losing my mind