Saturday, December 19, 2009

Parting of ways...

The last outing with Melissa took place in Leisure Mall yesterday. Talking and remembering what we’ve done this year. No other activities. No tears. No crappy nor sick jokes. OK la, maybe got a few. Just simple talking and a clumsy hug. Then she's gone.

The last outing with Melissa had only one person.

I was the person.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

In order to create, one must destroy...

To obtain a precious is hard; To let go a precious is harder...

You want to live a life or you want to live your life?


Haiz... So long no blogging olady.... Not don't want to blog, but tehre's nothing to write!

Wan 2 talk about my hols.
As exciting as the house's front porch.

Wan 2 talk about next year.
Easy, 1 phrase. Not prepared yet

Wan 2 talk about the crazy Sg. Wang adventure. I called it an adventure la.
Too long.

Wan 2 talk about Mel's departure.
Nothing to say except Fare thee well & Blessed Be.

Boring days, boring hours, boring minutes, boring seconds......

Can't wait for the school to reopen. Can't believe I'm saying this. At least got something to do mah....

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Do 12 sound better than 10?

The government, ‘who cared for the Chinese and Indian community and do not want to lose the communities native tongues’, had finally decide that next year SPM students are allowed to take 12 maximum subjects. Which the results would only based on 10 subjects.

To me, there’s no big difference, only I now get the chance to take back Chinese, why!? and English Literature, would Pn. Lim allow me to do that?

OF course, this means that we will have to reregister ourselves next year, I THINK. Hmmm… I wonder how things go for the people who wish to take Accounts or Economics or both but have to drop it when the government set the SPM subjects taken is 10. I mean, according to the school authorities, if one does not take account classes during F4, one can not apply for Account exam during SPM.

Let’s see how things play out by themselves, should we?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Fates are Cruel

Crows perched on my house this morning, trying to warn us the Coming.
The sky shed the tears of sadness on my behalf.

The Fates are pitiless. They cut the line of Life of the people who time has come to an end. Fortunately for my grandfather, They are merciful to him. They waited until the sons and daughters, grandchildren of my grandfather to pay their last visit before They take him away.

Yet, The Fates are cunning. For my grandfather’s last wish can not be fulfill. He can’t go back to the place where my family’s linage begins. He can not go back to place where the house is built with his own sweat and blood. He cannot go back to the place where he set his first step into Malaysia with his wife, my late grandmother. He can not go back to the place where he started the family. He can not go back……