Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Just a Past

Today (again) I went into hall to put bag on the stage for my curriculum activity. Kind of weird to see only my bag is on the stage. Yes, I still miss them. Usually the stage will have the Drama team’s bag lined at the front. Now, it’ll be another memory which soon will be forgotten in the midst of time.

I can still see them sometimes during weekends. Never it will never be the same. To walk together, meet up everyday and all the other things I wish we can still do again.

I live in the past sometimes. Not always. Just sometimes, I ‘saw’ them again.

A __________ talk (Fill in the blanks with any word you think is suitable)

Today, our dear-old-don’t-know-when’s-gonna-die Headmistress gave all the Form 5 Science classes a ‘motivational’ talk (spent 30+minutes listening to crap except for the last part that is done by Pn.LimXP).

Anyway, she’s giving us the let’s-see-how-shitty-you-are-comparing-to-the-last-year-people treatment (Zzzz…). I’ll cut the crap and go to the main point. She wants to see the students whose CPGA is higher than 4 (it’s almost like everyone) in her office starting next week (skip class along the way).

Tomorrow will be the Edu. Fair though, can’t wait for it. Friday will be the Uni / college’s talk (bragging) about why should their place be chosen for further education

A stroll down the park.

Last week, the school had the same old same old Jog-athon (totally time wasting in my opinion). My mother (unfortunately for me) forced me to go to school (while I could have stayed at home to Zzzz). Forced as in saying this is my last year and all that shit.

Anyway, as usual, I, Ed and Ben took a stroll down the ‘park’ (longer distance this time). Only difference is that we’re being ‘chased’ by an idiot, who does not understand we don’t want him around (don’t know what goes through that thick head of his).

Blah, blah, blah,
nobody got trampled, died or suffered a brain damage (too bad). In the end, some jocks got the price (Hurrah…= =). Nicole’s ‘famous’ brother got another price (champion or something). Now he has bigger head (Hurrah to that too….).

Most of time, I just ‘sleepwalked’ through the whole journey, including when I’m inside the hall (don’t even know what’s happening).

Thank God this is my final year. No more funding the school by making myself smells bad .

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Tomorrow will be another boring semester of school. Counting down XXX days till the Big Exam. Blah, Blah, Blah.

Went to Penang and Cameron during the hols. Great~


My experience at Penang is very easy to remember…

1. Eat
2. Eat
3. Eat again

Yep, I’ve tasted many delicious foods this time. Not forgetting shitty food as well. Not much of sight seeing since I’ve been there a lot of times.

Bonus: A food directory to the yummy foods at Penang.


My experience at Cameron is equally easy to remember…

1. Sleep
2. TV
3. Plants

Plants as in edible and non-edible plants. Bought a few, non-edible ones, miniature cactuses, orchids and a plant whose name I do not know. Edibles ones mostly got eaten already.

Bonus: Two cute little cactuses which one of them already bloomed!

I’m putting some random pics as well. One of them is kinda funny.

I can almost touch the clouds. Eventually, the car went in one.

Best of the Meddle East? Where's that?


That yellow thingy is a lemon. A LEMON for heaven's sake!


Iven and Nicole got tattoos now… ARRRGGGHHH!!! Jealous~ (= 3 =)

Met them during Sunday (a long long time ago Sunday). They asked me to join them for the Youth thingy. I know is a long time a story but I've just got the time, OK. Anyway, I haven’t got the time, so I asked them to join me at Leisure Mall. Blah, Blah, Blah, they showed their tats, which they got it at the convention.

Tiny as it is from my phone’s image, it’s still nice. Iven’s tats IS seriously small. No offence. Nic’s still OK, OK. Wonder how her mother is going to react when she found out.

Darn I want one. Naturally, my parents will be as paranoid as Nicole’s mother IF they found out. Not that I got one already. I’ve been dying to get one since I watched a show. Long story. I even thought out the design I want, where I want it and everything.

Since they got it, I’ve a place I have to go after my SPM, the tattoo shops at Sg. Wang. Hehehe… Don’t know what’s the price YET.