Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lament for the Drama Team

Time stopped ticking...
Adrenaline stopped pumping...
Heartbeats slowed...
Breathing stilled...
Fire in the heart extinguished...
All the time used………….
All the efforts placed……...wasted
All the hope and dreams…..forgotten
Speechless in the mouth
Blank at the face
Weak at the heart
Tired at the body
I wish to
cry but no tears flowed
I wish to talk but no words came
I wish to walk but no strength produced
I wish to be angry but no anger rise
I wish to know why but no reason came
Are we not
loud enough? “No” Pn. Lim , said.
Are we not dramatic enough? “No” Pn. Lim , said.
Are we not emotional enough? “No”, Pn. Lim said.
Are we not natural enough? “No”, Pn. Lim said.
Are we not good enough? “No”, Pn. Lim said
But we
We loss to the other teams without knowing the reasons
We loss to the other schools without knowing why
Pn. Lim just said
They are better

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Acculumation of Votes

Last Friday, we, the Connaughtions realize the nature and dreams of our future leaders.

First to do his pep talk : Lim Ben Jie

I can't remeber most of his words (95%) because I ain't paying any attention...
But I remeber something about mengharumkan nama sekolah and something of that sort...

Opinion: *Yawn*..... Boring ~..... I almost fell asleep....

Second : Shubashini

She started with a background talk...
When I say background talk, I do mean background as in how many siblings she has and some other stuff...
Then she got stuck in a few lines and ended abruptly...

Sheesh! Who wants to know your family... We just want to know can you work or not... The speech is still merely OK but with an abrupt ending..... Terrible!

Third : Yap Yow Chun

He's speech is actually will be good if he's NOT keep on looking at the script. He is like talking for a few seconds then take out the script to read. At least his ending is OK. Only he added with 'MU winning Malaysia soccer team'.

Opinion: WalauA... Who cares whether MU win or not. It's like we are gambling... But I still like the way he communicate with the other students (= P... I'm being an oxymoron again). It's quite friendly and obeying the rules at the same time.

Fourth : Edbert Chia

The very moment he hold the mic., 95% of the students in the hall 'boo-ed' him. He didn't get disencourage. But carry on with his speech about forming a tighter bond between the students and the prefects. His speech ended, quite surprisingly, with claps.

Opinion: Wow, he had really learned to be thick-faced. When the people 'boo-ed' him, he says: Thank you for the support. While the 'old' him will surely collapsed and never rise up again. I also find his words quite true. There must be a closer bond between the prefects and the students if the school wish to be the same level with VI or SAB or SBS.

Fifth : Joseph Lee

His speech is quite aggresive this time. Same tactic like Eric last time. Ended with claps.

Opinion: What a mother fuckker, who 'promotes' themselves that way to get votes? it was like I hold this post, I hold that post, I am this, I am that... Sheesh! I won't vote for a person with a speech like that. Although this might show you can work but this also show you are arrogant!

Final: Nur Shahida

Nuetral speech.

Opinion: None because I ain't listening.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Drama Competition

Adrenalin was pumping throughout my whole body…

All sort of thoughts came in and out of my mind…

Rate of breathing increased…

That was me yesterday, the day where weeks of hard work will prove how much we, the Drama Team have learnt. We want to win and we will…

The clock struck 1 a.m., I was still not able to close my eyes. The moment I do that, insane ideas and thoughts will flow into my mind like the tide of the sea. I kept staring at the ceiling until tiredness overcame my fear.

The time was 4.45 a.m. Surprisingly, I’m not sleepy. I can’t even get a wink because of the tension. After the usual preparations are done, I try to recall my lines… What the fuck, I can’t even remember what am I suppose to say and when to say... ‘Never mind, it’ll come back to me in time.’ I told myself.

The first thing I do reach school was I bought chocolates. I don’t know about you guys but I found that choc. has a calming effect on me. The bus came and we realized something, we are missing some important make-up and props… Damn! After all these weeks of hard work… No… we will not let that happen… We will not let these obstacles bring us down… A back-up plan came up… The make-up part, the back-up plan was better than the original plan. The props part, we just use what’s available to us…

We reached the school by 8.30 a.m. as written in the letter. The teams before us had arrived. Then news came… We were actually School 6, fortunately or unfortunately I no longer care, 2 schools before us pulled out which make School 6 but 4th performance. And the 1st team was already acting when we arrived.

We dressed up and have our make-up done as fast as possible. Luckily we have a group of excellent make-up artists, hair stylists. So, it doesn’t take us a very long time to touch up everything. LOLZ

For readers info. , our school’s traditional drama rivals are SAB & SBS. Who are damn excellent + elite. Of course, we are not far behind.

Our turn came. I can’t describe the feelings, the tension and the rush of adrenalin that time. I can just tell you, we are almost as good as the ‘S’s (No offence meant). Our teacher was happy with our performance, the 4 observers gave us good comments and the audience was mesmerized by our performance.

The SBS performance turned out to be the best of the 7 schools competiting. Seriously, the audience including us can’t take our eyes off their performance.
After the performances, the hard part just began. The judges who were 2 Indians and 1 Malay took off to discuss about the results.

15 minutes gone… 30 minutes passed by… 45 minutes is passing by…

The others were taking photos, chit-chatting, laughing at Gabrielle’s jokes, etc.etc. I was sitting in the front, can’t talk or speak… The tension came to me again… The nightmare repeated in my mind again…

At last, almost one hour of waiting, to judges came back… The hall was silence… All of us, waiting, praying, hoping and crossing our fingers.

The judge gave a short speech and the moment of truth came…

‘The best performer goes to……… Miss X from SBS! ’
‘The best script goes to……………Miss Y from SBS! ’
‘Of all the make-up today, the best make-up goes to Mr. Sung’s wife, Mrs. Sung from School 6! ’

We were clapping like crazy because Mrs. Sung was meant to be a bitchy woman and have an inch thick make-up. Mrs. Sung (
Nicole) stood up and gave a wave and a bow. The Malay boys of other schools who are behind were like ‘Ya, Allah…’ Too bad, they didn’t prepare a prize for that…

‘In 3rd place……………… SAB! ’
‘In 2nd place……………… SMK……………..Sekolah Menegah…………’

Shit! Get over with the suspense!
We were all crossing our fingers and…

‘In 2nd place……………… Sekolah Menegah Taman Connaught! ’

We were like lunatics, clapping for ourselves and doing our ‘battle-cry’ because we know, all those hard work and time, pay off with a good prize…

The 1st place was won by SBS (as expected).

Since we won the inter-school competition, now we are going to win again in the inter-zone competition because we know that WE CAN DO THIS!

For more photos, bloopers and other stuff, please click
on the name 'Nicole'....

Monday, July 13, 2009

SMKTC's HM is leaving...

I don't know whether this is a good news or a bad news. Our headmistress, Pn. Radiah is going to leave us in another few more weeks time. She will teaching in another school.

She came to our school 2 years ago. She was nominated by the Ministry of Education to be our Headmistress after the departure of Datin Norihan, our ex-headmistress.

Actually, I can't say much about her.

She's old (A LOT of wrinkles)
She's experienced(I think)
She's open-minded (in some ways)
She's a typical Malay (Duh)

Since I don't know much about her, so I can't say that her departure will bring massive effect to the school or not... One thing for sure is, let's hope the Ministry of Education not to send another old person to be our principal.


Julius Ceasar LIVE in SMKTC Ep.2

After his/her long holiday, Prefect X a.k.a. Julius Ceasar is back in action. His/her meditation seems to work after all. He/she complain no more or say anything about the 'future generation' list. But, he/she had decided that things cannot let it be... He/she want revenge... As people always say, revenge is sweet. Now he/she want to take revenge to people who had and has betrayed him. Now he/she trust no more people. Now he/she is planning...

What will happen to the people who had and has betrayed him?
What will happen to the school's new Prefectorial Board?
Can our 'future leaders' stand against the plot Prefect X is planning?

Stay tuned to find out more on Julius Ceasar LIVE in SMKTC ...

PS: Everything written inside here is just from my personal view.
PPS: Entertainment usage only.
PPPS: No offences meant.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Death of Michael Joseph Jackson

The world stopped spinning for a few moments when the News report about the death of Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson a.k.a. MJ a.k.a. King of Pop is one of the greatest artist ever lived in this world. No matter where you go, when you asked about MJ, everyone can tell you his hitz, his wealth, his charity work and his iconic move-The Moon Walk.

The world will surely miss this King -the King who united the whole world, the King who had done more charity work than any other pop singer and the King who love nothing more than his children, family members, friends and fans.

Although he has gone for a grater journey, his songs and memories will lived as long as long human exist.

May you rest in Peace.
May you be blessed by the Creator.
May you live forever in the Land Eternal Happiness.

You are never alone…

Choosing of Head Prefect Prt 2

My previous post had talk about the injustice system which is now being run by the schools in Malaysia, Ben-Jie continued to question my way of solution since I’m such a hard person to be pleased and satisfied.

I told him that I want a Republic.

The best example of this system is The Republic of Rome. Rome was once a Republic until Julius Caesar rises as a dictator and started the monarchy system.

While the Republic of Rome is run by a group of Senators, the Republic of SMKTC is run by a group of trusted prefects selected by the teachers (T & C applied). These prefects duty is not only to help the teachers to run the school but also to represent the students. The duty of a prefect to help the teachers will not change. The only difference is that the selected prefects will be representing the students.

The students will make a proposal meeting with them. They will consider the students proposal and make a decision by not more than 3 voting meetings. If the motion is passed, they (Prefects a.k.a. Senators) will bring the proposal to the teachers in charge and let the teachers do the final decision. When then decision is made, the Senators will announce the results.

Singapore runs a system of Head Boys and Girls. The Head Boys Head Girls will represent any students with a suggestion, an idea or request. While Singapore’s Head Boys and Girls are sometimes students, we will be using Prefects.

Reasons of using Prefects:
1. They grated with a certain authority which eases them to do this job.
2. They are easier to be approached by the students since most of the students tend to fear the teachers.
3. They are trusted by the highest authority
4. They are the highest in ranking among the students community.

Terms and conditions:
1. The prefects chosen cannot hold posts in their co-curriculum activities / Prefectorial Board / class
- They’ll be very busy, stress, tend to miss meetings and hand in a lousy job if they don’t pass the first condition.
- This will present more chances for the other Prefects to learn.
- The efficiency can be maintained.

The prefects chosen musts not only from a particular class.
-Every class must have a representative prefect is possible to ensure the fairness.
- If there is no prefect in that particular class, elect one among the students but only have the authority as a member Senate.

3. The prefects chosen must have no problems in their studies.
-This is to ensure that the academic of the prefect is not affected seriously by the meetings of the Republic.

1. Every student has the right to propose.
2. Every proposal must not be violating the school rules in any way.
3. Each Senator is equal and has the right to speak during meetings.
4. The Senators must have a final decision by the third meeting within 3 weeks. If the voting is still a draw, the proposal will be hand in to the teacher in charge.
Any decision made the teacher is final.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Choosing of Head Prefect Prt 1

It was Monday when Ben-Jie ask for my opinion about the candidates of new Head Prefect. He ask who will I vote. I told him No-One. Why, he asked. (The culture of voting started last year for everyone's information.) I told him is useless for the practice of dictatorship will continue.

According to Longman Dictionary, dictatorship mean a single ruler or group with complete power. What I view from a student's point of view is that prefects of SMKTC has a full support from the school authorities, PIBG and especially the Head of Discipline [Mr. John Toh (with all due respect)]. In a another way, they are given a lot power, a lot of power indeed...

Some, OK fine they are doing a very good job. When a student commit something which abuse the school rules, they arrest them. I got nothing to say... BUT some among these Prefects misuse their privileges, this Trust. These Misusers, sometime got carried away by their own duty and responsibilities. For example, one of the many 'sport checks' done in our school, X is caught. He's in the back classes and some of the Prefects just LOVE to catch back classers. So he was caught. Although he's in the back classes, he kept a quite a good record for his tidiness.

Unfortunately, that day he was caught by Prefect Z. He was caught for wearing fashion pants - low hips (not). Seriously, the way he wear his pants is exactly the same how all the boys in our school wear their pants. So, he was bought to the Head of Discipline. X try to explain but Mr. John just said: " I believe in my prefects. When they say you are wrong, means you What the Fuck! What kind of world this is. Can't the prefects make mistakes?! So, X's name was recorded and Z was nominated as the most hated prefect of all time. *.

This shows how the Head of Discipline fully trust the Prefects.

Annual Dinner is the common thing being heard around the school if you are in a society, club or any co-curriculum activity. But of so many clubs and society, why only the Prefects got a bit of financial help from the PIBG? When the non-prefect group apply for PIBG financial help in their Annual Dinner, the request will be rejected or no reply. The reason of rejection is the there is no more fund in the PIBG. What a coincidence! When the prefects apply, there's always cash around. The other reason is the Prefects helped and is helping the school a lot. What kind of reason is this? Other clubs or society also help the school by raising the school's name when they went for competition.

This shows how the PIBG trusted the Prefects

Prefects sometimes has meeting during study time. When the teacher (most of it) hear is a Prefect, they are allowed to went out. But the this does not apply for others.

This shows how the school authorities trusted the prefects.

The prefects are suppose to 'govern' the school with justice. They are also given full authority to hand out punishment based on the crime done. In other word, 'dictatorship', since no others but them can do that.The Misusers, will misuse this Trust, Privilege and Power to gain advantage for oneself (most of the times). Therefore, I won't vote since this injustice will not change. As written in the book 'Brisingr' by Christopher Paolini, who watch the Watchers...

* To all prefects who ignore my previous post, the short story serves as a warning about the power of Student News Channel. Never underestimate us (students). This when usually the Cantonese will say: "A drop of saliva from all of us can and will drown you.."


So many things happen in a very short period of time...

1. New choosing of Head Prefect (Joseph Lee Chin Yung, Lim Ben Jie, Edbert Chia, Nur Shahida, Yap Yow Chun & Shubashini)

2. Death of Micheal Joseph Jackson (Sad... The World loss another great one)

3. Mathematic and Science change back to BM(motherfucker... suck a lot laa the 'big plan' to increase the standard of our education... )

4. Drama Competition (16/07/2009 @ Yakob Latif)

I'll try to write everything...

Monday, July 6, 2009

(\*/) Prt 3

Long I've pondered for an answer... An answer it did came... Although I do know my ability to debate comparing to your 'experience' and 'knowledge' of debate is way behind. BUT that does not prove that I will submit that easily...

Once again I'll answer your question one by one...

1. What u know?

What I know is my business and my business only... 河水不犯井水 is the way we've been communicating after all these times... Try not force me... If you do realise after all these years of knowing me (not necessary to be closed friends), 'pulling strings' is one one of my profession. Therefore, information comes from the sources at the end of these strings of mine. Of course, these things comes with a price. But there is still nothing I can't afford so far. (If you're thinking about money, cast away your idea for the bargain is nothing about money)...

Is staying overnight enough to proof you know him better? If it is, then Wayne Loo must have know you quite well for I know he had stay overnight with you... A pair of eyes and a true heart is the requirement you say to 'judge' a person say you (if I get your meaning right, correct me if I'm wrong)... Now how sure are you that I only judge a person by hearing instead of sight and heart... How sure are you that you are not influence by the 'gossips' flying around the school?... For I believe that one has one's own opinion and I HERE, just voice out what I think... Don't tell me how to behave in my own turf... Don't even try... For my wrath is something you do not wish encounter...

2. An investigation that must be unknown...

Do you have the problem with that boy? Do I have to tell you what kind shirt I'm wearing now? Or do I have to tell you when do I went to the toilet? I (once again) tell you that I've my own resources, sources which I can 300% rely on... Posting like an ASS is not my job at the moment and will no be my job ever. So don't you worry, that throne is still available... Fool I might be from your eye, but foolishness can still mended...Casca you are from my sight and Casca's quality is something interesting to study if you get what I mean...

3.Wave effect

As you said, Connaughtians are not all stupid idiotic to believe people easily. But, you 'claim' he is 'detested' by his own 'kin' until he has to 'migrate'... Pah! That's the news which has been 'flying' all around the school and you still claim you stand by his side... You are also the one who say in paragraph 1 last 2 lines that Judge by ur eyes and of course with true heart. Not only just a pair of ears. Your actions now is showing that you are also judging him by your own ears....

You also wrote in paragraph 3 line 9-10 that We trusted him so much until we selected him. Coz we all judge book by cover! So what's your point actually? You want to prove me wrong by commenting I judge someone by hearing and sight... While you, yourself is judging someone by the cover... Not a very wise choice when you trying to prove someone wrong... No wonder our Debate Team lose at the first stage...

4. Chern wei’s dad is OBAMA BARACK!

Although I dream my dad is the President of USA, but I don't think I will claim something that farfetched... Thanks for looking up to my dad anyway...

Back to the main point... Of course no one will believe you assuming you're spreading that kind of news (Yuck!)... The reason there are no believers is because everybody already knows that Mr. Barack (With All Due Respect) is NOT my father, which they ALREADY know that's the truth... If you claim it before Mr. Barack (With All Due Respect) became the President of USA, MAYBE, I repeat, MAYBE someone will have a SLIGHT, TINY, MINUSCULE feeling to believe... Since NOBODY knows him yet...

Is it I the stupid + innocent boy who believe that the current President of USA is my father(not) or is it you who like the others, believe what you see + hear + your own assumption to make your own conclusion about him...

5.The word a

Too bad boy, your reference of dictionary have already given my some doubt about your learning in Debate Team. Since the Examination Board in Malaysia agrees to refer to Longman Dictionary when it comes to English...

But no doubt at all, the general meaning will still be same... For example, when it comes to punishment, will Mr. John (With All Due Respect) cane someone because they talk in the Dewan? (Things might have change, this, I admit that I do not know YET)No. Will the Judge (With All Due Respect) give a death penalty just because you've stolen a pencil? No. Therefore, it meant nothing when you want to
calculate every small single mistake he had done... You will just known as an every inch calculative person.That's all nothing serious... Of course you shouldn't (not can't, correction) complaint. Since you've chosen him, meaning you're ready to take the consequences of his actions and things. Your actions only shows that you are a very hard to satisfy person....


My weakness in Chinese got a certain level for your knowledge... Proverbs so far is still within my understanding... So, sorry to disappoint you for not asking you for the meaning...

7.Who says I hated him because of the words in his blog?

Did I say you hated him? No I did not... You assume I say that you hated him for his words... Check back my post if you like... I say nothing of that sort... You confess yourself...

8.words of motivation and explanation

Did you wrote those words, I don't know, only you and the person up there knows.

9. He’d done nothing wrong in blogging

Did I say is a crime in blogging? Did I even say say that you are wrong in condemning or commenting or write watever you think about him is wrong? Or I say that he, writing watever he likes is wrong? No... I did none of that.... So, you not only not answering my question (if i did ask one), it also shows that you nothing more than an ignorant fool...

10. Chinese history

Tut..tut...tut... Your knowledge in Ancient China's History is nothing comparing to mine... I've been studying it for a very long period of time... Murdering is not always death penalty for your information. Treason, treachery and 'selling one's country' as the Cantonese will say are the crimes which mostly is given a death penalty. Death penalty mostly is sentenced when the victim of the murder is from a royal family, ministers, etc.etc. (citizens death are rarely is sentenced death penalty)... While only the murderer's family members is executed... That only happen if and only if The Guilty's wrong doing is very god damn serious...

After all these years, you still don't know me. I'm a very old-fashion person for you information (again). I respect in the old ways where the rules are created by our Elders for certain reason. Although during that period of time, knowledge is scarce. But that those not stop the people of the 21st century to view back and reused what's written... I don't think you do realise that even the people in the West respect and honour the teachings of Confucius...

Your not even answering the topic on "one's deed is a class's fame, while one's crime is a class's shame"... You are just talking about I'm easily influenced by idioms and one's word... Not a very good stand...

11.Who are you to blame the 39 ? Ask yourself or the world.

I'm play the role as a concern friend+wounded person from the heart+free citizen gives me the right to blame anyone I please as long as it did not surpass the limit(which I think I already did... =P) and that is according to the Law of our nation... Therefore for this and only this, I apologise for what I've written...But I still unlike you people 'threw' someone into Hell just because what the person wrote...

12. Suggestion : Be a modern one.

Modern is one thing while forgetting where you're from is another thing...

13. Pls do not bring sensitive issue.

You have every right to stop commenting or seeing my blog. But that doesn't mean that I have Taboo myself just to make my blog look nice...

My turf, My rules....

PS: Nope, sorry to dissapoint you (again) but joining the Debate Team is the last thing I'll do in my life...
PPS: Don't talk about Malaysia's politic in my 'place'...