Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kumar for President!

These following video's links are 'promoted' by Melissa before the holidays. It's call Kumar Drag Queen.

Kumar Drag Queen Part 1
Kumar Drag Queen Part 2
Kumar Drag Queen Part 3

I don't know about you readers, but these videos are very funny videos all right.

Oh yeah for all those some of you might not understand what she/he's saying because some of you might be very st**id. So bear with it yeah...

Lolx... I'm even starting to talk like him+her... Wakakaka...

Friday, August 28, 2009

Holiday Summary

Ah hols…Time does fly quickly don’t they. In a blink of an eye, one week is almost up. Let’s review back what I’ve been doing. Shall we?

Actually nothing much happened. Just tuition everyday, got a Halloween Party or known as All Hallow’s Eve Party now, meeting and a primary school reunion party.

Nothing much to elaborate, except for homework and homework and more homework. I was like Shit! What are the works I need to hand in today again? Not that the fact the homeworks are hard, I just spend most of my time blogging and sleeping. Lolx

All Hallow’s Eve Party Meeting
It’s known as All Hallow’s Eve now because our school authority cannot accept the name Halloween which gives the impression of Hantu-Hantu punya benda. For reader’s information, this was said by Pn. Faridah Abdul Ghani. Although we changed the name, the meaning is still the same. Lolx. So, the point of the meeting is to collect opinions from ‘the members of this party’ because something serious came up. Unfortunately, I don’t have the permission of the Pengerusi to disclose this ‘serious case’. The only thing I can say is, the Halloween Party is still on! Yay!

Primary School Reunion Party.
In short, a reunion party was conducted by an ex- primary school mate. We went there have fun, know each other again and the end. You can read in a detailed form from my previous post .

Oh, yeah… Another thing also occurred.

For the reader’s who don’t keep track on things, Mr. Joseph finally raised the White Flag and admitted defeat in the war between him and me. You can read my weird respond in the post >.

That’s all for today I think. Wish all readers have a good day/evening.
Hmm… Maybe I’ll figure out some crap to type later. Who knows right….

Old Memories...

Today (happened in the night actually), few hours ago, I’ve just attended a primary school gathering. Although it has been conducted a few times before, I never attended any one of them. I don’t know why and what drew me to this one. Lolz.

OK, let’s see…

It was conducted by a very ex-school mate of mine. Why I say very ex? Because she (yes, it’s a she, girl, female) actually left Malaysia when she was standard 5 to shift or migrate or whatever as long it describe she left Malaysia, to Ireland. Sorry to say this but if you are reading Yuan Yi, I have NO MEMORY at all who you are, when I first receive you invitation. My memory is kind of blur before the year Standard 6.

So, when I first receive the SMS from an Anonymous person talking about a gathering, I was like, What the hell! Who are you and how you get my number?! And the name mention in the message, the name of the main character, sounds VERY VERY familiar but I just can’t remember who that is. My timetable was originally full today so I told them I’m not coming. Until, some thing came up and I was free to go. What came up? That’s not important.

So I SMS them again in 11pm or something like that in the same day, I THINK. Hey, I like told everyone who knows me, I’m a night owl not a morning glory. Where was I, ah, I SMS them again. So I SMS them again saying I’m available. I mean it’ll be very embarrassing just to barge into a reunion party while I told them I wasn’t coming, right?

So they told me is 6-10 pm. Actually, Wayne told me that. I can’t believe he talked me into going it. Since Wayne got tuition and I’m an anti-socialising person, meaning I need a companion, I decided to come in just a BIT late with Wayne at 7pm.

Unfortunately, like they say, don’t ask me who are they for I also don’t who said it first, you just can’t everything in the world going your way. I was already waiting at the bus stop at 6 pm. I waited and waited and waited. For almost an hour then the bus arrived. Curse the Rapids!

Being late is one thing but charging me double also! Hello~, I’m not a three year old kid; I know the price of the bus fare from my place to Leisure Mall, where the ‘party’ is held. I was in a hurry so I don’t mind about the cheating part.

While I was in the bus, Wayne was like keep on SMS-ing me, asking where I am. Wayne if you are reading this post, this is what I want to tell you that time: Hell! Stop bugging me, please! Is not that I don’t want the bus to go faster, but the driver was a ‘safety driver’. He drives at the speed even my grandmother can surpass him! Damn the fella! After I reached Leisure Mall, I was like…… what is it again, 15-20 minutes later than 7 pm. So adding up, we, me and Wayne, will be 1 hour and 20 minutes late, without counting the time we used to get to the final venue.

OK, so we are late. At least we reached there in a couple of minutes.

An embarrassing moment happened. The moment we entered the room, sitting near the front door was a group of girls. Surprisingly, I know all of them except for two whom one of them look damn familiar and another one TOTALLY stranger to me. To my astonishment, even Rachel from my present class was there. I mean, not that she’s not allow, but she wasn’t from class 6C of SJK(C) Taman Connaught, right?

So my reaction when I saw the group of girls was like, OK, so among the two of you, the unknown one, who is the one went to Ireland again? Of course I didn’t say it out loud. So me and Wayne found ourselves a sit and start to what Joseph will say rack the brain and guess who is the real ‘main character’ of the party. After a few seconds, the Edison in my brain finally finished creating his light bulb and I remembered ‘the girl who looks familiar to me’.

She is actually Hou Thin’s (if that is how to spell your name, I followed the name inside our yearbook, OK) ex-ex-ex-very ex girlfriend, Wong Yuan Yi (is that how to spell her name?). You can’t believe how the news spread during standard 5. It was like a wildfire. In a blink of an eye, both of them are being teased for the rest of their primary school life for being Boyfriend and Girlfriend until She left. You understand what I mean right? Come on, we are standard 5 at that time, the time where I believe most of us are idiots.

Moving on….

So, I remembered Her face but I don’t remember Her name. Until, her ‘personal party secretary’Chang Shin Yan, told Her my name. I think, if Shin Yan didn’t tell Her, She will still be guessing my name until the very end of the party. So I was re-introduced to her since she forgotten my name also. And some boring stuff happened which I don’t want to mention.

In the beginning, I thought me and Wayne was late. I never thought they are still people later than both of us. This shows that even nowadays teenagers are also ‘rubbed’ by the ‘late to any function Malaysian culture’. Hey, I and Wayne got reasonable reasons, OK.

Now let’s see, as expected, I know and remembered them. BUT they didn’t remember me. So I’m OK with that. I mean, I wasn’t the most popular student during primary school. In the beginning I was like minding my own business until Wayne helped me to warm things up. Maybe he is right. Both of us ARE on the same ‘track’, the only difference is, he is much more socializing, I wasn’t.

The activities are mostly taking each others photographs, joking, chilling around and taking a stroll down Memory Lane. Although the so-called restaurant prepared karaoke service, only Her mother’s friend is making the use of it. But seriously, she, Her mother’s friend was really the ‘MC’ for the party. She tried to make us, the teens, to go crazy and stuff, but something prevent us from doing that. Maybe because we are surrounded by Her family members and mother.

So, Cinderella got her ‘deadline’ when the clock struck twelve. One by one the ‘old classmates’ reached their ‘deadline’ and headed back home. We were asked to write in a notebook which we are supposed to write down the things we want to say to her. By reading my blog and previous posts, I think you readers all can guess the length of my ‘essay’.

So before leaving, all of us wrote things inside. I don’t know about the others, but mine, I can tell you most of them are crap. I think She will tear out the page, and use it as a burning material for Her fireplace when she headed back to Ireland this Sunday. Never mind. Fine with me, since all I wrote was crap. Yeah another thing. The numbers of people present was 12/49 of the original 6C class. Yikes! Where all the rest went?

When I left the place, only very few of them are left. What happened next, I don’t know. Obviously.

Ah, yes….

The picture part. Known as an anti-socializing person, they will not find a lot of photos of me. Just a few. For the people who don’t know, they might even think I threaten the camera person. So if you readers want to know how this Yuan Yi looks like, no luck people, I don’t have her photo or any photo of the party. And I’m not planning to get those. Why am I even telling you people all this?!

That’s all for today or tonight or whatever.

Enjoy the last few days of the holidays!
And keep in touch with your old friends.
You might be surprise how things might change.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Angel, Demon and Me

If you are thinking a post or a blog fill with the feeling of joy in spring or the warmth during summer, this is not the blog or post you wish to see or read. In this post you will see three poeple voicing out what they want to say. Angel, Demon and Me. Although Demon is the one who speaks the most.

Refuse to leave? Well then, let's begin...

Mr. Joseph (he mentioned my name, so I mentioned his), had kindly spent his quality time to write a post just for me. Awww...How touching…...Thanks for spending your time to do it. He mentioned in his blog how much a jackass I am (my own language’s translation), unless I’m mistaken, and ask me to read the poem IF, written by Rudyard Kipling. Charming but I still can’t see his point of asking me doing that...... Very well, then. Never mind, he got his point, I got mine. lolz. Actually I don’t even know why I’m doing this. Since he said he won’t visit my blog any longer (as if I cared before)…Maybe just bored and try to find some excitement during the holidays.

Let’s see, he had finally cracked by my unstoppable bugging. That’s SO not fun. I expected him to last longer....... Poor guy, I was a burden to him. And he had also drawn a clear line between him and me. Which I’ve already done that like… YEARS AGO… Do you think I should do that also…? Nah, it’ll just take the fun of It...... Maybe I should, I don’t want any more trouble in the future.

Still want to continue? It's never to late to leave my blog now you know.... Stubborn person aren't you, very well then. Moving on...

Let’s do my favourite activity: Analysing the paragraphs…

Call me sick if you want to; But hey, it’s part of my crazy and unusual life. Maybe some day I’ll end up in newspaper posted as a crazy serial killer. lolz. See what I mean?!

Back to main point…

So I was described as the Erik in the Phantom of the Opera.
Wow, I never knew I was that hideous. Ah well, like I said before, I’ll suffer the consequences of what I’ve written.

And the reasons I’m writing all my previous posts (according to Mr. Joseph) about the Exxon and everything is because I’m ‘lonely and trying to get attention. Yeah right, as if. I’m just reporting what I heard and what I think. Is that a crime now?!...... Yeah part of It, yeah, but most of it is just because of the boredom.

Then he want the future relationship (if we still have any) to remain neutral. He is slow isn’t him. I’ve also done those YEARS AGO, I think...... Sad, he was an OK person.

Tired of clearing my comments and questioning my sensibility are also the things he wrote. What?! Like you said is my right to comment anyone I like. So now is my turn to question you back: who are you to stop me, Titus, bender of words and master of Du Vrangr Gata. I told you before, my job is to beat everyone down in my blog. So, sorry to disappoint you (IF you are reading this), I’ll continue to write what I like....... OK, if you want me stop fine. I’ll TRY. No guarantee given... The condemning part, it’s just 1 of my methods to express what I think. Although is not a sugar, spice and everything nice way.

Leave your (Mr.Joseph) blog alone and yadda-yadda-yadda, you (readers) can read it yourself. Hey Joseph, you should feel proud that you got such loyal reader although he, means me, ain’t a very nice guy. Your blog helped me a lot in the past and present. How? I’ll never tell. And who said I’m born in a good English speaking family?! I RARELY speak English at home. All the vocabulary and other English stuff, I learn it from books. A LOT of books…Developing my fantasy words?! Who gave you that kind of crazy idea?! I’m just developing my own place/turf in my own blog. Not world, huge diferrence.

He won’t poke into my affairs and took some precautionary steps to avoid seeing my blog in the future. So what! As if I cared, I wrote my blog is NOT because of you Mr. Nice Guy in Everybody’s Eye! I’ll still keep up with my effort in writing in the future. What’s going to come out from my blog, depends on what happen around me. You find kissing an old lady is worse than raping a baby! Outrageous! Those that mean you won’t kiss your own grandparents in the present or your mother in the future! Your elders must be very disappointed in you…... Very well then, you do what you must. I’ve no rights to stop you. BUT, I will not remove your dear name from my blog. The reason, I CAN’T tell you.

He said something about a sweet forked tongue, deceiving others and other ‘things’. Readers, you (once again) can read it by yourself in his blog. Hoped he hasn’t removed it yet… What a copy-cat. Sweet forked tongue is my word. Find another word yourself. Deceiving people around the school?! Ha! That’s much more of your daily activity in school rather than mine. You’ll count a day in school wasted if you don’t deceive 3 people at least by the end of schooling hour. Lovely classmates! You know nothing about them! Don’t claim something you see, that’s what you have taught me. Rack my brain and think?! Puh-lease, I’ve been doing that for the past 2 years. Don’t tell or instruct me what to do you snake. I will not tell off by someone who just live by a sweet mouth and influence among the others…... Maybe you got your point, but my true friends among the Form 4’s are always the least. So to tell you the truth, if you ARE reading this, I’ve nothing mush to lose. Yes I know I still got another year to go, BUT, I’ve went through it once. I fear not to go through it again.

Finally, he asks me to stop visiting his blog, fulfil his request and shame not the name of 4S1 or Titus. Is this how you treat your readers! How insulting! I can visit any blog in want and since when you voice out any request. And for reader’s information, I’m not acting on name of 4S2 when I type my post in my blog, including this one. I’m acting on my own accords. BUT, he is acting on the behalf of the Exxon and carrying the name of 4S1 when he is doing his ‘speech’ during the Fashion Competition + Show. Well for shaming the name Titus part, I can’t deny it. For I do shame the name of Emperor Titus. Ah well, for being a stubborn person, I still refused to change my blogging name Titus…... Very well then (for the don’t know how many times), I’ll try to view back and analysis the ‘requests’ you’ve made and TRY to fulfill it. I’m sorry if you think I shame the name of 4S2 and Titus.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A site I see

A few Connaughtian readers might have found out this 'interesting' blog by now. It runs with the URL written and edited by a person or a group of people who name themselves as Vile.

According to Longman of Contemporary English, vile means extremely unpleasant or bad; evil or immoral. Just like the name itself, vile was the articles. The personality of vile also runs in the blood of the author/authors.

Never mind, that’s not the main point.

You might the find unpleasantness in the articles. But I can tell you, the ‘articles’ written are actually pointless. The articles have nothing to say. More like saying nothing in the articles.

Puh-lease, don’t try to insult the beauty of blogging.

Some of you might think I’m also doing the same thing, but I can assure you that both of our activities are TOTALLY different.

Although I still can’t see where YET. lolz

Moving on…

I have reasons to believe that Vile is not very good in British English which is the ‘type’ of English we are currently learning. Based on the English typed by Vile, I believe this person or group of people watch a lot of American movie because the way Vile write, type and spoke inside the articles, is very American.

Although I still don’t have solid proof YET, I already got a few suspects myself.


For the people who had read and visited the site, you might find that I was link as the ‘brother link’. I don’t what a ‘brother link’ means but I can assure you that I have NOTHING to do with this site at all.

I don’t even know why he or they put my link there. He or they must have lost his or their mind.

Finally, you might find that most of the Connaughtian bloggers who had visited the site discourage people to visit the site. But I find this site quite useful and funny. It proves how an idiot a person or a group OF people can be.

Seriously, I can’t believe there is this ‘type’ of people living on planet Earth. No wonder the World is going to the dogs. Lolz.

To see things in the seed, that is genius.

PS: Those who get what the statement above means, you'll know what I'm planning ahead.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Thank God…
I was sick previously and thought I got myself infected with H1N1.

Never mind about that, let’s forget all those. Now let’s see…

-fashion show, sick, unable to comment.
-fire drill, waste of time
-hari ko-kurikulum, boooooring.

Yep, due to the sickness I can’t do a feedback survey about the fashion show and it’s too late to do it after I went back to school. So, They are in luck this time. Good for Them, bad for me… Ah well, life goes on as they say. So let’s talk about other things…

Let’s talk about a post I saw in the URL …

The post runs with the name Weird Bloggers.

So if you are NOT too thick to get it, this post’s ‘function’ is to talk back, rebuke or whatever you want to call it as long as it means fight back, the post Weird Bloggers.

Let see, hmm…

I was describe as the
maniac who claimed himself as God and even curse people by using vulgar words and teach the people he hated of how to kill himself in a better way. Wow, not really the description I imagined, but it’ll do.

He seems to have a problem in reading my posts which contain words which brings discomfort to his and some people’s eyes. Sometimes I really wonder, is the school nowadays very pressuring? Or is the radioactivity in the computers and other technology nowadays very strong? THEY SEEM DON’T HAVE A FUCKING PAIR OF EYE AND A DARN BRAIN WHICH IN THE NAME GOD SEEM TO FUNCTIOON PROPERLY!


Sorry for theburstjust now, let’s go back to the main point. He got a problem with my posts and yadda-yadda-yadda. These are the people whom I will laugh at and call ‘bodoh punya anjing’. I’ve already set up a pop-up to warn any readers about the words which will be appearing in my blog. If you choose to ignore it, then is not my fucking darn problem. But I need to thank him for seeing me as a GOOD boy in school. (cewah…perasan!)

Of course I got a lot advices from the others to write in a sugar, spice and everything nice way. But, people who know me will know I’m a stubborn person. It’s like trying to pull a cow down a flight of stairs. (lolz) Ah well, if I got the guts to write it, I’ll have the guts to face the consequences of it. OK, next…

Like he said, unless my understanding skills had decreases, blogs are to express without hurting people physically. That’s what I did in my blog, isn’t it. Only I did it in a much aggressive and unpleasant way. You got a problem with that man? You want us bloggers to, what is that again, be a man, dude. Have a talk face to face! Naturally, I’m always ready for such a face off. Only, I’m afraid that you don’t have the guts to do it.

Of all those things he wrote in the post, I still like this the most. I witness how blog is transformed and become a dreadful weapon to hurt or even backstab others. Oh…puh-lease…did you even study your History well? One of the Nipponese successful reasons in invading Malaysia is using propaganda. Where people are brainwashed to believe they are Good Guys.

This is 21st century, bonehead, the age where media rules most of peoples mind! Articles, propaganda and news nowadays are used as personal arsenal or weaponry to self-defense and attack others!

Same situation here, only we are not aiming to cause World War 3. Naturally, the ‘chaos’ and ‘havoc’ caused here, have obviously show, with just a simple few words and lines, the world can turn upside down by it. That’s why a lot strong forces nowadays is still scared of the ‘destructive power’ these 26 alphabets.

Still, I keep to 1 policy: No names are mentioned.

I just HINTED in my posts. The people got problem and making a lot of ‘sound’ are the ones who are guilty, logically.

Claiming as God is an activity I did not do. I didn’t even know why he put it there. Must’ a have type it wrongly. Teaching the person I hate how to kill them is just a bad joke. A very bad and lame joke. I told in my profile, I got NO sense of humour. And trying to gain attention of Erik the Phantom?! Is this how you show respect to your seniors?! Outrageous!

Conclusively, terrorists bomb here and there, kill how many people, 100? 200? See what these 26 alphabets can do. With just a word, a sentence, a line or an article, it can cause devastating effect on the tidings of the world.

Never underestimate the power of wordings.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I'm going to let my blog 'hibernate' for a while...

Will be quite busy these few months...

Friday, August 14, 2009

A message to 'Annoyed'…

Dear 'Annoyed':

Firstly, I want to say I’m VERY happy to such ‘loyal’ reader for my blog. BUT,

Seriously you need to go and see a doctor, psychiatrist, or just go to any hospital to seek for medical help. You are SICK! Symptoms which show you ARE sick are:

1. You have problem in UNDERSTANDING proper English, although you CAN write in English.

2. You have problem READING English, although (once again) you seem to have the tendency to write well in it.

3. You have a serious case of eyesight problem. You seem unable to see the words BELOW the Alphabet Letters PS!

If precautionary steps are not taken, you’ll be harm to the society, the people around you and yourself.

IF you are not SICK,



IF you DO have such FREE leisure time,
I came up with a few ‘ideas’ JUST FOR YOU!

1. You can be Famous after you did this!

You can start by JUMPING OFF KLCC. You enjoy the short moment of breeze and scenery in KL just before you hit the ground! You will also be FAMOUS for doing that since KLCC is one of Malaysia’s landmarks. You’ll be first in the History of Malaysia to do IT! Your name will be FOREVER recorded in the Malaysia’s Guinness Books of Records!

2. You will feel closer to the Origin of Life!

If you like be closer to Mother Nature, try DROWNING YOURSELF IN YOUR WATERBOTTLE. Everyone who studied will know that our Earth is consisting of 75% of water. Therefore, water can be counted as Mother Nature herself. Drowning in the sea, lake, river or swimming pool is too CLASSICAL & BOOORING. Let’s try something new by thinking of a way to drown yourself in your water-bottle! It’s creative and never been done before! Try it and you’ll see (or NOT) the impact of the news to the WORLD. You’ll be saluted worldwide as the student who is capable to drown in their own water-bottle.

3. You will closer to Home-Sweet-Home when you conduct this…

If you prefer in the slow, painful and classical way of dieing, I suggest SLITING YOUR LEFT WRIST OR YOUR THROAT! You start with a kitchen knife, razor or just a simple Swiss Army Pocket Knife. You will be ‘enjoying’ the slow, painful feelings which signify you as still a human before you die. A VERY-VERY memorable event!





Owner/Master of Du Vrangr Gata.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Blood Thirst

I want the Frozen Steel Sword to be my right arm
I want the Cold Iron Shield to be my left hand
I want the Armor of Darkness equipped to my body
I want the Helmet of Domination on my head

With these Relics,

I can cause Their Blood to flow
I can cause Pain in Their mind
I can create Misery in Their life

The enjoyment?

I want to hear Them Scream
I want to see Them Dieing BUT not Dead
I want Them to beg for Mercy
I want Them to live in Agony
I want Them to kneel before me

Finally, after all the enjoyment and pleasure of seeing IT,
I want Them Dead.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Unleash Thyself

Models are recruited;
But the walkway is not built...
Performances are arranged;
But the selling tickets are not good enough…
Will this a successful event?
Or it’ll just be a disappointing programme…

As every Connaughtian knows, this Saturday night (15/08/09), our school is conducting another Saturday Nite Live activity for us. A fashion competition show conducted by our very own Sonny Biz Enterprise or known as Exxon Mobil.

Once again, curiousity drives me do A BIT of ‘poking’ around. I find the ‘general picture’ of this Saturday’s event a bit …… creative and unique (in nicer words), remarkable and unusual (in casual way), tosh and weird (based on my feelings).

For reader’s information, ‘translated’ from the poster above and results of my ‘research’, this event involves a fashion show, a fashion competition, performances and the coming of some XXX YB.

There some ‘glitches’ beneath the beautiful posters and persuasive advertisements.

1. Original numbers of models required is 50 BUT 70+ ‘models are recruited.

After doing some ‘interview’, the Exxons explain the incident as an accident and steps are taken to ‘repair’ the situation.

2. Performances vary from the ex-students of our school to some performances coming SMK Mutiara. But, is 4 hours enough to finish everything?

Assuming the Exxons ‘fixed’ their numbers of models problem and there is only 50 models doing the show/competition, each models taking up 5 minutes to walk to and fro on the runway.

Basic calculation of multiplication and division shows that ONLY the walking of the models already took up 4.167 hours! How are the Exxons going to ‘fixed’ this problem let’s wait and see.

3. Runways are not built!

Another (estimation) 84 hours for them to build an I/T shape runway inside the hall, if they fully used the 24 hours in a day. Is it possible for them to achieve that in such a short period of time?

The trainers of the models haven’t even heard of a runway with that shape before! Will this affect the performance of the models in cat-walking?

4. Tickets are not selling fast enough!

I heard from ‘a little birdie’ that the tickets sold are just 100+ while our hall can fit way more than that. The Exxons hope that this is just a symptom of M’sia Culture – last minute buying.

The amount of money profited so far is still 10000+ (if the ‘birdie’ is not wrong) while our school got a good head start (Carnival Day) comparing to other schools. Does this prove that our school’s Exxon is not good enough? But our school came into 2nd place last year. What does it implicate?

So many challenges yet so little time…
To keep it up or not is time to choose…

I’ll post my opinions on this event later some day.
The information in this post MIGHT change from time to time.

So keep an eye out. Both if you can spare them.

Julius Ceasar Ep 5 + Others

The War had ended.
A new rule has begun.
But, winds of battles are gathering.
Rebellions are assembling……

After the memorable event of the Prefect Election Ceremony AND my express of disagreement and unsatisfactory in the Election in my bog during Friday, I was condemned by the looks of His supporter’s during Monday (As if I cared). For I insulted their Hero, their Idol, their Angel in my Bog. An interesting question had been raised by Julius Caesar which once again shows the quality of power-hunger among some of the Prefects.

Below is the short and slightly edited conversation between Me (T) and Mr. Caesar (C). Naturally, the dialogue is edited based on my understanding of his sentence.

A: I’ve read your bog. It’s interesting. Great observation and analysis.

T: Thanks. I’m speaking from my heart.

C: Actually, have any of you think about the after effects of the people who read the post?

T: Of course. Either the people will hate me or the people will gain ‘Enlightenment’.

C: OK, the fact people will hate you cannot be denied. But don’t think it’ll just affect you. I think it’ll affect everyone in the school.

T: Elaborate.

C: OK, what if the people who read your blog gain ‘Enlightenment’?

After listening to that sentence, I was like OK~, is that a bad thing? But of course, I did not voice out there, I voice it out Here.

So, Mr. Caesar does not wish people to gain ‘Enlightenment’ about the story behind the scene. I think that OBVIOUSLY shows that SOME of the Prefects wish to hide the Story from public because that will ensure their iron grip on the students.

What does this show?

This shows how a person will change just to taste the sweetness of Power.
This shows how Power can corrupt a person’s mind.
This shows the things a person will do just to gorge the lust of Power.
That shows how a person will do ANYTHING just to ensure their dominance among the weak.

Power is a strong and dangerous thing.
It can bring a person to the very peak of the Heaven.
It can also cast a person down to the deepest, darkest Hell.

Monday, August 10, 2009


From: Titus

Again and again I’ve to repeat to you that it’s not MY FAULT if you do not like my posts. I did not force you to read it. Before you enter my blog, I’ve already set a pop-up which gives you the warning concerning about the ‘types’ of word which will appear in my blog. For the FINAL time I warn you, if you do not like my posts, then stop visiting my blog. I WILL NOT Taboo myself just to make my blog look nicer.

To: Readers of Du Vrangr Gata

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rage, Fury & Anger

My current mood now, fuckin' fucked up.
First the Results @ Yacob Latif & now THIS!

Unfairness! Injustice! How the fuck can he be do such things & he still wants to be the Head Prefect! Edbert might be less popular than U but that does not mean that he can be pushed around like a rag doll! U are lucky that I'm not Edbert or I'll fight with u face-to-face (not physically, too bad)!

I spit on U !
I look down on U !
I despise U !
I regret shedding kindness upon your days...

U say u want to make the school a better place. BUT your actions do not prove THAT. U had your chances but u failed! Others who are better than U should have their chances.

This election has shown the true colours of yourself towards the whole school.
This election has shown the injustice system which will be practiced in the future of Connaught.

The Dark Dawn has finally arrived.
Biasness is practiced.
Rights are ignored.
Chances are taken away.

I still care for your dignity and honor in my previous posts. BUT now, I see that U are not worth my worry. The Secret that U try to conceal will be reveal in THIS post.

I know that U begged the AJKT's & the teachers to give U edbert's post! I know that U said that u feel useless in the the position of Head of Security. I know that U persuaded, poisoned and pressured the Authorities to give u what u want!I know that U blinded the Chinese Student Community with your sweetened forked tongue. I know U 'brainwashed' the peers who share the same class U.

Did U know your actions show how PATHETIC U are!
Do U know that your actions have kindled a Flame in the hearts of Edbert's few but passionate supporters!

I've tasted the bitterness of defeat but I didn't do what like U do...

I've tasted the bitterness of loneliness so I FEAR NOT the pain of Isolation any longer...

Prove to me that U are innocent IF U dare!
Prove to me that U are the man U said U are!
Prove to me that U were just in what U did!
Prove to me that I'm wrong!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My voice

Now my role in THIS post is just a student voicing out what he thinks.

I think that each candidate has their own abilities and uniqueness.

For example:

Lim Ben-Jie: He excels in the skills of communication and resources. Can stay friendly with the students while get things done.

Edbert Chia: He never overdone ANYTHING asked by the teachers. He just does what he’s asked for. This is what I will call a typical Prefect.

Shubashini: A strict Prefect which is a very good asset in controlling the discipline of the students. She also plays an important role in controlling the Indians.

Yap Yow Chun: He’s part Edbert and Ben-Jie himself. He doesn’t overdone things and also quite friendly with the students while get things done.

Lee Chin Yung: Famous in leadership and planning. He’s active in co-curriculum (maybe a bit TOO active) and good in studies as well. This is what I will call an ALMOST perfect student.

Nur Shahida:
She plays an important role in controlling the Malays since IF I’m not mistaken; the Malays are sometime reluctant to listen to the Prefects.

Now with Ben-Jie as the Head Prefect, I think the school authority has a new definition for Prefects. Since I’ve said that Mr. Lim is excel in communication skills, I think the school authority thinks that Prefects are not supposedly be hated by the students.

With the new ‘visi’ in the Principal’s mind, to become a ‘sekolah kluster’, I THINK she thinks that the school is OK with the student’s discipline for our school is famous for the strictness in students discipline. She wishes that the students can be closer or what Edbert will say to have a closer bonding with the students. So in future, Prefects and students can cooperate more effectively.

With a higher cooperation between the students and the Prefects, our school can reach the ‘visi’ more quickly. Therefore, I think they choose Ben-Jie with a hope that he will help them in their effort to do it.

If anyone who is not too thick to realize, you will find that Lim Ben-Jie, Nur Shahida and Yap Yow Chun are Prefects who are better in communication skills comparing to other prefects. Lim Ben-Jie and Yap Yow Chun are already commented on the top the post about their communication skills.

Shahida is a VERY-VERY important person if the statement above IS the school’s plan. She’s the ‘bridge’ between the Malay student communities with the school authorities

I say something like that is just simply because that she is capable of speaking fluent Chinese, Malay and English. She is Malay, which make her job easier to be done among the Malay community, and she’s a Prefect which ‘links’ the Malay community with the school authority.

So, I think that this batch of Prefects which emphasis in communication skills will a make HUGE difference in the history of Prefectorial Board and SMKTC.

Comments and Opinions from the Public

I’ve done a few ‘interviews’ among the pupil and this is how they answer.

Question asked: What do you think about the new batch of Prefects leaded by Ben-Jie?

“I believe that this new batch of Prefects can make a different in the school…”

“I’m quite OK with Ben-Jie on the top. Don’t be always Chin-Yung in everything. Other people might be better than him…”

“I voted for Chin-Yung during the election because I believe that he can cope with the work because he has past experience BUT SINCE Ben-Jie is the one, I’ve also no problem with that…”

“I voted for Ben-Jie because Chin-Yung held to many post! Or else I’ve voted for him because he’s an ex-Head Prefect once…”

“I’m quite glad that Ben-Jie made it to the top. He’s such a friendly person…”

These comments & Opinions are NOT my creation or imagination!
It’s what the pupil said!
Most of the comments DID come back with the name Chin Yung & Ben-Jie in it!
My role in THIS post is just a ‘war journalist/reporter’!

Julius Caesar Ep.4

Things are getting murkier and complicated. Mr. Caesar’s mind is working in a new and deeper way. A way that’s uncommon towards him.

His plans no one can know for certain. But, I THINK I can get the general picture.

His plan (IF I’m not wrong) is to oppose the new batch of Power face-to-face. Due to certain past event which I can’t reveal, he is NOT afraid to do ANYTHING now as long as he reaches his Goal.

If I’m not mistaken (again), he once said that means (from the translation of his words) that under the new batch of Power, the school can’t reach a whole new level. He believes Mr. Casca can do the job better (read Ep. 3).

Logically, his Goal is to make a Change a.k.a. Metamorphosis in the school.

Finally, his ‘warning’ now to the new Power is either he brings us all down (which he, himself will bring havoc to school if that is done) or he unites us all together (which I believe is hard).

Monday, August 3, 2009

Our colourful class

We are asked by Pn. Shanthi and Pn. Chan to win the class deco. competition for the title Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa.

We are not that enthusiastic in winning this competition in the beginning until our class
teacher; Pn. Chan says that winning this competition can increase our chance in winning the Class of The Year competition which our class is only few marks behind 5S2.

Pn. Shanthi in other hand, wants us to win the competition because our class is thought by her and she is one of the teachers who are in charge of the Keceriaan Sekolah sort of thing.

Of course, with the exams in our bag, we decided not to take actions until we finished the exams. It’s also counted as a plan not to put up anything just in case our rivals excel us and our decorations got ‘demolished’, ‘destroyed’ and ‘disintegrated’ by the afternoon sessions.

Just like I expected in the beginning of the year, we, 4S2 are quite unique. We will not pull together until the very breaking
point. Almost like the event of Carnival Day, only this time we planned everything in the beginning but ‘construction’ will only begin in the very end.

Luckily, we manage to pull it off. Unfortunately, the Judges we expect to appear did not do so. Looking on the bright side, I think we are the only class who do this and the deco.s are still up. XD

As a ‘dessert’, our class got a one-sided love case and the ‘main character’ is someone unexpected. Make a vote on who do you think is the person!

PS: Photos are taken with
Ms. Seow Lai Yee's camera.

Julius Caesar Ep. 3

Before the revealing of the Result, I’ve asked Mr. Caesar himself that what he expect from the future leader? Below is a short, minor-ly EDITED dialog between me and Mr. Caesar.

“So, Mr. Caesar, who do you want to be the Head Prefect?”

“I prefer Casca to be the Connaughtians future Head Prefect because in my opinion, not all of them can cope with the work of the Head Prefect as well as him.”

“OK, let’s say IF someone made it and the person is not Mr. Casca. What will be your future plan?”

“I’ll still do my work as long as they DO NOT interfere with the things which they give the responsibility to me. If they do, I make sure they’ll suffer for their actions.”

“I see. Thanks for the comments”

In another word, Julius Caesar will obey to no one except Mr. Casca himself. Spicy temper isn't it.

For reader’s information (if you do care), there are
parts of the conversation which are hidden from public’s knowledge. Without Mr. Caesar’s permission, I cannot reveal those parts.

A New Dawn has arrived…

After a long time of waiting, the Connaughtians has finally knows who are leading the school to a new level.

I was informed by the
prefects (actually I asked them myself) that they will have a meeting after school which they will announce the Result. Of course, curious as new born pup, I started bombarding every single prefect I saw. Some of them did not know because they are not one of the, what we call the AJKTs. The one who knows refuse to open their Golden Mouth.

‘Sheesh~ I have ways to know things myself,’ I thought.

At last after all the questioning, one of them said that we Drama team rocks. I was like ‘OK~, I think I know who it is…’
No offence but Edbert if you are reading this, you are not the first person that came across my mind. So there is only Lim Ben Jie left.

So my so-called-calculation came into being… Ben Jie IS the new Head Prefect. Deputies Head Prefect are followed by Nur Shahida and Yap Yow Chun (a.k.a. MU fan by the Form 5s).

Sadly for the ex-Head Prefect (during Form 2), Joseph Lee Chin Yung, he did not get what he craved (I think). Sorry man…

But of so many news I receive today, the happiest part is still Yap Yow Chun had make it to the Deputies! Just like what Pn. Chan said, let the others have a chance, they also can make a difference.

Once again, congratulations to the new batch of Prefects
who will be leading the school!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Time Draws Near

By next Monday, the name of new Head Prefect will be announced.
By next Monday, the new Head Prefect will gain full authority over the other Prefects.
By next Monday, a new batch of leaders will rise and lead the school.

Would they make a change? Or they will keep things as they are now…

"The Elder Days are gone. The Middle Days are passing. The Younger days are beginning…" - The Lord of The Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien