Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Angel, Demon and Me

If you are thinking a post or a blog fill with the feeling of joy in spring or the warmth during summer, this is not the blog or post you wish to see or read. In this post you will see three poeple voicing out what they want to say. Angel, Demon and Me. Although Demon is the one who speaks the most.

Refuse to leave? Well then, let's begin...

Mr. Joseph (he mentioned my name, so I mentioned his), had kindly spent his quality time to write a post just for me. Awww...How touching…...Thanks for spending your time to do it. He mentioned in his blog how much a jackass I am (my own language’s translation), unless I’m mistaken, and ask me to read the poem IF, written by Rudyard Kipling. Charming but I still can’t see his point of asking me doing that...... Very well, then. Never mind, he got his point, I got mine. lolz. Actually I don’t even know why I’m doing this. Since he said he won’t visit my blog any longer (as if I cared before)…Maybe just bored and try to find some excitement during the holidays.

Let’s see, he had finally cracked by my unstoppable bugging. That’s SO not fun. I expected him to last longer....... Poor guy, I was a burden to him. And he had also drawn a clear line between him and me. Which I’ve already done that like… YEARS AGO… Do you think I should do that also…? Nah, it’ll just take the fun of It...... Maybe I should, I don’t want any more trouble in the future.

Still want to continue? It's never to late to leave my blog now you know.... Stubborn person aren't you, very well then. Moving on...

Let’s do my favourite activity: Analysing the paragraphs…

Call me sick if you want to; But hey, it’s part of my crazy and unusual life. Maybe some day I’ll end up in newspaper posted as a crazy serial killer. lolz. See what I mean?!

Back to main point…

So I was described as the Erik in the Phantom of the Opera.
Wow, I never knew I was that hideous. Ah well, like I said before, I’ll suffer the consequences of what I’ve written.

And the reasons I’m writing all my previous posts (according to Mr. Joseph) about the Exxon and everything is because I’m ‘lonely and trying to get attention. Yeah right, as if. I’m just reporting what I heard and what I think. Is that a crime now?!...... Yeah part of It, yeah, but most of it is just because of the boredom.

Then he want the future relationship (if we still have any) to remain neutral. He is slow isn’t him. I’ve also done those YEARS AGO, I think...... Sad, he was an OK person.

Tired of clearing my comments and questioning my sensibility are also the things he wrote. What?! Like you said is my right to comment anyone I like. So now is my turn to question you back: who are you to stop me, Titus, bender of words and master of Du Vrangr Gata. I told you before, my job is to beat everyone down in my blog. So, sorry to disappoint you (IF you are reading this), I’ll continue to write what I like....... OK, if you want me stop fine. I’ll TRY. No guarantee given... The condemning part, it’s just 1 of my methods to express what I think. Although is not a sugar, spice and everything nice way.

Leave your (Mr.Joseph) blog alone and yadda-yadda-yadda, you (readers) can read it yourself. Hey Joseph, you should feel proud that you got such loyal reader although he, means me, ain’t a very nice guy. Your blog helped me a lot in the past and present. How? I’ll never tell. And who said I’m born in a good English speaking family?! I RARELY speak English at home. All the vocabulary and other English stuff, I learn it from books. A LOT of books…Developing my fantasy words?! Who gave you that kind of crazy idea?! I’m just developing my own place/turf in my own blog. Not world, huge diferrence.

He won’t poke into my affairs and took some precautionary steps to avoid seeing my blog in the future. So what! As if I cared, I wrote my blog is NOT because of you Mr. Nice Guy in Everybody’s Eye! I’ll still keep up with my effort in writing in the future. What’s going to come out from my blog, depends on what happen around me. You find kissing an old lady is worse than raping a baby! Outrageous! Those that mean you won’t kiss your own grandparents in the present or your mother in the future! Your elders must be very disappointed in you…... Very well then, you do what you must. I’ve no rights to stop you. BUT, I will not remove your dear name from my blog. The reason, I CAN’T tell you.

He said something about a sweet forked tongue, deceiving others and other ‘things’. Readers, you (once again) can read it by yourself in his blog. Hoped he hasn’t removed it yet… What a copy-cat. Sweet forked tongue is my word. Find another word yourself. Deceiving people around the school?! Ha! That’s much more of your daily activity in school rather than mine. You’ll count a day in school wasted if you don’t deceive 3 people at least by the end of schooling hour. Lovely classmates! You know nothing about them! Don’t claim something you see, that’s what you have taught me. Rack my brain and think?! Puh-lease, I’ve been doing that for the past 2 years. Don’t tell or instruct me what to do you snake. I will not tell off by someone who just live by a sweet mouth and influence among the others…... Maybe you got your point, but my true friends among the Form 4’s are always the least. So to tell you the truth, if you ARE reading this, I’ve nothing mush to lose. Yes I know I still got another year to go, BUT, I’ve went through it once. I fear not to go through it again.

Finally, he asks me to stop visiting his blog, fulfil his request and shame not the name of 4S1 or Titus. Is this how you treat your readers! How insulting! I can visit any blog in want and since when you voice out any request. And for reader’s information, I’m not acting on name of 4S2 when I type my post in my blog, including this one. I’m acting on my own accords. BUT, he is acting on the behalf of the Exxon and carrying the name of 4S1 when he is doing his ‘speech’ during the Fashion Competition + Show. Well for shaming the name Titus part, I can’t deny it. For I do shame the name of Emperor Titus. Ah well, for being a stubborn person, I still refused to change my blogging name Titus…... Very well then (for the don’t know how many times), I’ll try to view back and analysis the ‘requests’ you’ve made and TRY to fulfill it. I’m sorry if you think I shame the name of 4S2 and Titus.


e said...

I don't see any angel titus I guess deamon kicked him out of the picture

hey the word verification is phoni like joseph a phony sorry for misspelling

Titus said...

Wat the hell r u talking, Thinker?