Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Comments and Opinions from the Public

I’ve done a few ‘interviews’ among the pupil and this is how they answer.

Question asked: What do you think about the new batch of Prefects leaded by Ben-Jie?

“I believe that this new batch of Prefects can make a different in the school…”

“I’m quite OK with Ben-Jie on the top. Don’t be always Chin-Yung in everything. Other people might be better than him…”

“I voted for Chin-Yung during the election because I believe that he can cope with the work because he has past experience BUT SINCE Ben-Jie is the one, I’ve also no problem with that…”

“I voted for Ben-Jie because Chin-Yung held to many post! Or else I’ve voted for him because he’s an ex-Head Prefect once…”

“I’m quite glad that Ben-Jie made it to the top. He’s such a friendly person…”

These comments & Opinions are NOT my creation or imagination!
It’s what the pupil said!
Most of the comments DID come back with the name Chin Yung & Ben-Jie in it!
My role in THIS post is just a ‘war journalist/reporter’!