Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Julius Caesar Ep.4

Things are getting murkier and complicated. Mr. Caesar’s mind is working in a new and deeper way. A way that’s uncommon towards him.

His plans no one can know for certain. But, I THINK I can get the general picture.

His plan (IF I’m not wrong) is to oppose the new batch of Power face-to-face. Due to certain past event which I can’t reveal, he is NOT afraid to do ANYTHING now as long as he reaches his Goal.

If I’m not mistaken (again), he once said that means (from the translation of his words) that under the new batch of Power, the school can’t reach a whole new level. He believes Mr. Casca can do the job better (read Ep. 3).

Logically, his Goal is to make a Change a.k.a. Metamorphosis in the school.

Finally, his ‘warning’ now to the new Power is either he brings us all down (which he, himself will bring havoc to school if that is done) or he unites us all together (which I believe is hard).


e said...

untiy my foot he is nothing but a selfish bugger who cares himself and his own ambitions obviously he has never read the poem 'IF'.

I can bet that there isn't a single sypathetic bone inside his hollow metal shelll