Friday, August 28, 2009

Old Memories...

Today (happened in the night actually), few hours ago, I’ve just attended a primary school gathering. Although it has been conducted a few times before, I never attended any one of them. I don’t know why and what drew me to this one. Lolz.

OK, let’s see…

It was conducted by a very ex-school mate of mine. Why I say very ex? Because she (yes, it’s a she, girl, female) actually left Malaysia when she was standard 5 to shift or migrate or whatever as long it describe she left Malaysia, to Ireland. Sorry to say this but if you are reading Yuan Yi, I have NO MEMORY at all who you are, when I first receive you invitation. My memory is kind of blur before the year Standard 6.

So, when I first receive the SMS from an Anonymous person talking about a gathering, I was like, What the hell! Who are you and how you get my number?! And the name mention in the message, the name of the main character, sounds VERY VERY familiar but I just can’t remember who that is. My timetable was originally full today so I told them I’m not coming. Until, some thing came up and I was free to go. What came up? That’s not important.

So I SMS them again in 11pm or something like that in the same day, I THINK. Hey, I like told everyone who knows me, I’m a night owl not a morning glory. Where was I, ah, I SMS them again. So I SMS them again saying I’m available. I mean it’ll be very embarrassing just to barge into a reunion party while I told them I wasn’t coming, right?

So they told me is 6-10 pm. Actually, Wayne told me that. I can’t believe he talked me into going it. Since Wayne got tuition and I’m an anti-socialising person, meaning I need a companion, I decided to come in just a BIT late with Wayne at 7pm.

Unfortunately, like they say, don’t ask me who are they for I also don’t who said it first, you just can’t everything in the world going your way. I was already waiting at the bus stop at 6 pm. I waited and waited and waited. For almost an hour then the bus arrived. Curse the Rapids!

Being late is one thing but charging me double also! Hello~, I’m not a three year old kid; I know the price of the bus fare from my place to Leisure Mall, where the ‘party’ is held. I was in a hurry so I don’t mind about the cheating part.

While I was in the bus, Wayne was like keep on SMS-ing me, asking where I am. Wayne if you are reading this post, this is what I want to tell you that time: Hell! Stop bugging me, please! Is not that I don’t want the bus to go faster, but the driver was a ‘safety driver’. He drives at the speed even my grandmother can surpass him! Damn the fella! After I reached Leisure Mall, I was like…… what is it again, 15-20 minutes later than 7 pm. So adding up, we, me and Wayne, will be 1 hour and 20 minutes late, without counting the time we used to get to the final venue.

OK, so we are late. At least we reached there in a couple of minutes.

An embarrassing moment happened. The moment we entered the room, sitting near the front door was a group of girls. Surprisingly, I know all of them except for two whom one of them look damn familiar and another one TOTALLY stranger to me. To my astonishment, even Rachel from my present class was there. I mean, not that she’s not allow, but she wasn’t from class 6C of SJK(C) Taman Connaught, right?

So my reaction when I saw the group of girls was like, OK, so among the two of you, the unknown one, who is the one went to Ireland again? Of course I didn’t say it out loud. So me and Wayne found ourselves a sit and start to what Joseph will say rack the brain and guess who is the real ‘main character’ of the party. After a few seconds, the Edison in my brain finally finished creating his light bulb and I remembered ‘the girl who looks familiar to me’.

She is actually Hou Thin’s (if that is how to spell your name, I followed the name inside our yearbook, OK) ex-ex-ex-very ex girlfriend, Wong Yuan Yi (is that how to spell her name?). You can’t believe how the news spread during standard 5. It was like a wildfire. In a blink of an eye, both of them are being teased for the rest of their primary school life for being Boyfriend and Girlfriend until She left. You understand what I mean right? Come on, we are standard 5 at that time, the time where I believe most of us are idiots.

Moving on….

So, I remembered Her face but I don’t remember Her name. Until, her ‘personal party secretary’Chang Shin Yan, told Her my name. I think, if Shin Yan didn’t tell Her, She will still be guessing my name until the very end of the party. So I was re-introduced to her since she forgotten my name also. And some boring stuff happened which I don’t want to mention.

In the beginning, I thought me and Wayne was late. I never thought they are still people later than both of us. This shows that even nowadays teenagers are also ‘rubbed’ by the ‘late to any function Malaysian culture’. Hey, I and Wayne got reasonable reasons, OK.

Now let’s see, as expected, I know and remembered them. BUT they didn’t remember me. So I’m OK with that. I mean, I wasn’t the most popular student during primary school. In the beginning I was like minding my own business until Wayne helped me to warm things up. Maybe he is right. Both of us ARE on the same ‘track’, the only difference is, he is much more socializing, I wasn’t.

The activities are mostly taking each others photographs, joking, chilling around and taking a stroll down Memory Lane. Although the so-called restaurant prepared karaoke service, only Her mother’s friend is making the use of it. But seriously, she, Her mother’s friend was really the ‘MC’ for the party. She tried to make us, the teens, to go crazy and stuff, but something prevent us from doing that. Maybe because we are surrounded by Her family members and mother.

So, Cinderella got her ‘deadline’ when the clock struck twelve. One by one the ‘old classmates’ reached their ‘deadline’ and headed back home. We were asked to write in a notebook which we are supposed to write down the things we want to say to her. By reading my blog and previous posts, I think you readers all can guess the length of my ‘essay’.

So before leaving, all of us wrote things inside. I don’t know about the others, but mine, I can tell you most of them are crap. I think She will tear out the page, and use it as a burning material for Her fireplace when she headed back to Ireland this Sunday. Never mind. Fine with me, since all I wrote was crap. Yeah another thing. The numbers of people present was 12/49 of the original 6C class. Yikes! Where all the rest went?

When I left the place, only very few of them are left. What happened next, I don’t know. Obviously.

Ah, yes….

The picture part. Known as an anti-socializing person, they will not find a lot of photos of me. Just a few. For the people who don’t know, they might even think I threaten the camera person. So if you readers want to know how this Yuan Yi looks like, no luck people, I don’t have her photo or any photo of the party. And I’m not planning to get those. Why am I even telling you people all this?!

That’s all for today or tonight or whatever.

Enjoy the last few days of the holidays!
And keep in touch with your old friends.
You might be surprise how things might change.