Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rage, Fury & Anger

My current mood now, fuckin' fucked up.
First the Results @ Yacob Latif & now THIS!

Unfairness! Injustice! How the fuck can he be do such things & he still wants to be the Head Prefect! Edbert might be less popular than U but that does not mean that he can be pushed around like a rag doll! U are lucky that I'm not Edbert or I'll fight with u face-to-face (not physically, too bad)!

I spit on U !
I look down on U !
I despise U !
I regret shedding kindness upon your days...

U say u want to make the school a better place. BUT your actions do not prove THAT. U had your chances but u failed! Others who are better than U should have their chances.

This election has shown the true colours of yourself towards the whole school.
This election has shown the injustice system which will be practiced in the future of Connaught.

The Dark Dawn has finally arrived.
Biasness is practiced.
Rights are ignored.
Chances are taken away.

I still care for your dignity and honor in my previous posts. BUT now, I see that U are not worth my worry. The Secret that U try to conceal will be reveal in THIS post.

I know that U begged the AJKT's & the teachers to give U edbert's post! I know that U said that u feel useless in the the position of Head of Security. I know that U persuaded, poisoned and pressured the Authorities to give u what u want!I know that U blinded the Chinese Student Community with your sweetened forked tongue. I know U 'brainwashed' the peers who share the same class U.

Did U know your actions show how PATHETIC U are!
Do U know that your actions have kindled a Flame in the hearts of Edbert's few but passionate supporters!

I've tasted the bitterness of defeat but I didn't do what like U do...

I've tasted the bitterness of loneliness so I FEAR NOT the pain of Isolation any longer...

Prove to me that U are innocent IF U dare!
Prove to me that U are the man U said U are!
Prove to me that U were just in what U did!
Prove to me that I'm wrong!


ChiN YunG 景荣 said...

Haha. Thx for your concern towards Prefectorial Board. The school will be a better place if all of them were like you, knowing what happened in the school.

I told Ben, I refused to read your blog.U love beating ppl down. But I do not know why I went to have a look today. Read this Post. Thx for not mentioning my name and still keep my dignity.

As for Edbert, of course I have already asked him whether he likes it. he said he is okay. Then only I asked for it. I guess you know that right?

Now I know you treat 70% students in our school as stupid or idiots coz easily fall into my trap. Go tell ppl outside, 70% of SMKTC students are stupid. Just because of voting me.

I think u will get the most votes if u were one of the calons.

Cheer up. Why keep on condemning others? From me to annoyed to Fashion Competition. Don't u feel bored? I am bored in condemning Ben in my blog so I approached him to apologised. Now we worked happily. Ask Ben if u doubt. hahax.

But I am truly happy bring u to excitement when I was not elected, bring u to furious when I was elected as head of Discipline. Now my fashion Comp is a success. Will U cry?

U are under others' control. hahax.

Somebody told me Titus is like a God. I dunno whether iots true coz i don;t know much about that. But seemed like u dun really fit to be Titus.

I guessed u r the "unknown" right? Calling me Faker and Kiss-ass. If u feel happier in calling me in this way, u r most welcomed. :)

happy always.