Sunday, August 23, 2009


Thank God…
I was sick previously and thought I got myself infected with H1N1.

Never mind about that, let’s forget all those. Now let’s see…

-fashion show, sick, unable to comment.
-fire drill, waste of time
-hari ko-kurikulum, boooooring.

Yep, due to the sickness I can’t do a feedback survey about the fashion show and it’s too late to do it after I went back to school. So, They are in luck this time. Good for Them, bad for me… Ah well, life goes on as they say. So let’s talk about other things…

Let’s talk about a post I saw in the URL …

The post runs with the name Weird Bloggers.

So if you are NOT too thick to get it, this post’s ‘function’ is to talk back, rebuke or whatever you want to call it as long as it means fight back, the post Weird Bloggers.

Let see, hmm…

I was describe as the
maniac who claimed himself as God and even curse people by using vulgar words and teach the people he hated of how to kill himself in a better way. Wow, not really the description I imagined, but it’ll do.

He seems to have a problem in reading my posts which contain words which brings discomfort to his and some people’s eyes. Sometimes I really wonder, is the school nowadays very pressuring? Or is the radioactivity in the computers and other technology nowadays very strong? THEY SEEM DON’T HAVE A FUCKING PAIR OF EYE AND A DARN BRAIN WHICH IN THE NAME GOD SEEM TO FUNCTIOON PROPERLY!


Sorry for theburstjust now, let’s go back to the main point. He got a problem with my posts and yadda-yadda-yadda. These are the people whom I will laugh at and call ‘bodoh punya anjing’. I’ve already set up a pop-up to warn any readers about the words which will be appearing in my blog. If you choose to ignore it, then is not my fucking darn problem. But I need to thank him for seeing me as a GOOD boy in school. (cewah…perasan!)

Of course I got a lot advices from the others to write in a sugar, spice and everything nice way. But, people who know me will know I’m a stubborn person. It’s like trying to pull a cow down a flight of stairs. (lolz) Ah well, if I got the guts to write it, I’ll have the guts to face the consequences of it. OK, next…

Like he said, unless my understanding skills had decreases, blogs are to express without hurting people physically. That’s what I did in my blog, isn’t it. Only I did it in a much aggressive and unpleasant way. You got a problem with that man? You want us bloggers to, what is that again, be a man, dude. Have a talk face to face! Naturally, I’m always ready for such a face off. Only, I’m afraid that you don’t have the guts to do it.

Of all those things he wrote in the post, I still like this the most. I witness how blog is transformed and become a dreadful weapon to hurt or even backstab others. Oh…puh-lease…did you even study your History well? One of the Nipponese successful reasons in invading Malaysia is using propaganda. Where people are brainwashed to believe they are Good Guys.

This is 21st century, bonehead, the age where media rules most of peoples mind! Articles, propaganda and news nowadays are used as personal arsenal or weaponry to self-defense and attack others!

Same situation here, only we are not aiming to cause World War 3. Naturally, the ‘chaos’ and ‘havoc’ caused here, have obviously show, with just a simple few words and lines, the world can turn upside down by it. That’s why a lot strong forces nowadays is still scared of the ‘destructive power’ these 26 alphabets.

Still, I keep to 1 policy: No names are mentioned.

I just HINTED in my posts. The people got problem and making a lot of ‘sound’ are the ones who are guilty, logically.

Claiming as God is an activity I did not do. I didn’t even know why he put it there. Must’ a have type it wrongly. Teaching the person I hate how to kill them is just a bad joke. A very bad and lame joke. I told in my profile, I got NO sense of humour. And trying to gain attention of Erik the Phantom?! Is this how you show respect to your seniors?! Outrageous!

Conclusively, terrorists bomb here and there, kill how many people, 100? 200? See what these 26 alphabets can do. With just a word, a sentence, a line or an article, it can cause devastating effect on the tidings of the world.

Never underestimate the power of wordings.