Friday, September 11, 2009

The Happening

At last after disappearing for quite some time, I’m back to type and type and keep on typing.

Wow… So many things inside my head… I don’t even know which to type first…

Let’s start with the reason why I’ve stopped blogging for a while. As if anyone will be interested.

The reason that I stopped blogging for a while, just like I said, as if any one is interested… why am I typing this anyway? Oh yes, is to ‘pour’ some of the things in my brain before it get full. Where was I…Ah yes, the reason… is because I’ve got some, to be specific is 2, projects in my bag now. One is the All Hallow’s Eve Celebration while the other one is the Bulan Patriotisme, which to me are pretty big projects.

The All Hallow’s Eve Celebration.

I’ve made a ‘speech’ few days ago in front 1000++ of students.

Ok let’s make things clear first. I don’t even what I am talking at the moment. I just say what came into my mind. Thinking now, it’s like Oh My God! What a jerk I’ve made myself in front of these pupils. Never mind, I guess, like what They, I don’t know who They are, say: Let the past be the past.

What I think about this statement/phrase is No, we cannot let the past be the past. We DO need look back after a while or two, to leran from the past but don’t look back to often for it’ll delay our advance. There are living examples, but due to certain circumstances such as the ISA, I can’t type what I want. So if you readers ain’t that thick, you’ll know what I’m talking. And, ohh, if you waiting for the punch line, it’s over.

Ok where was I? Ah yes, the All Hallow’s Eve Celebration speech.

I won’t elaborate what I said in the speech because it’s too embarrassing to recall. But basically what I want to say is,

Come and join us during that special day!

For the Form 5s,
It’ll be the relaxation with your friends after the pressuring trial SPM.

For the Form 3s,
It’ll be your final relaxation before the final exam you’ll face, PMR.

For the Form 4s,
It’ll be a celebration worth to come. You can see in the sense that you’ll be part of the Connaught history. Or you can see it in the sense that it’ll be quite fun since you’ll be hanging out with your friends until late night. Like they say, it’s a Saturday Nite Live activity.

I won’t promote in the sense of promoting. But I do encourage every reader of mine, if I have any, to visit the official All Hallow’s Eve Celebration ‘website’, which actually it’s just a modified blog* and support this event because time is running out!

*Hey! It’s the 21st century! Even Sonny Biz has own a blog, which from what I saw is pretty ‘dead’ to me. So why can’t the All Hallows’ Eve Celebration have it’s own blog to promote and explain the questions asked?! Of course it’ll be removed, I believe, after the Celebration.

PS: The tittle of this blog has nothing to do with this post... I don't even know why I name the post with this name...