Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Julius Caesar Ep. 6

Welcome to the Julius Caesar Restaurant.

I’ll be your waiter today/tonight. And your meal will be served in a few moments.

OK, first week back to school and I found out something new about Mr. Caesar and the ‘change of atmosphere’ in the school. It seems to me that most of the Form 5s and Form 2s have found out about Vile and want to find this mysterious, to some of them cowardly, testes-less, etc. etc. person. They want to, what Kumar will say, beat him, kick him, take the parang chop him and make curry.

That’s for the Appetizer

I’m very sorry to tell you that Entrée will not be served. But not to to worry, we’ll go straight to the Main Course.

Today, I tried to coax the true identity of Vile out of Mr. Caesar. Unfortunately, he refused to open his Golden Mouth. BUT, I did gain something informative from him. I asked for his confirmation whether he, Mr. Casca and Wayne is involved in this scenario. And guess what he did. He nodded his head!

I also know that the Prefects will also be going after this Vile. And IF I’m not wrong, they had a very-very-very brief meeting about this Vile.


I wonder…

How would the Prefects and people react when they find out that Mr. Caesar and Mr. Casca themselves are in a league with Vile and supplied some information to him/her/they.

Ah, well, let’s see how things turn out shall we?

As a Side Dish,

Mr. Casca himself is still playing Mr. Nice Guy in saying that is a bad blog, etc. etc. As you can kindly read and view in

Finally, the Dessert will be…

This blog had also alarmed CERTAIN teachers. I think Vile’s wish, I think, to become known around the school had just come true. I think he/she/they will be laughing in his sleep although he/she/they currently have trial SPM in his/her/their bags.

That’s all your Meal for today. Thanks for dining here and please come again…